1960s bathrooms

1960s bathrooms

I’ve never seen a bathtub like this, except in my childhood home. Yep, it’s the same tub, circa 1950′s -60′s. Cast iron, enamel. In fact, I’m visiting my mom, and it still looks and works as good now as it did then. Sometimes the saying, “they don’t make them like they used to” is true. 

These flashbacks are almost like eating comfort food — good memories when I was a young child, with little to worry about, and totally unaware of the world’s problems. 


  1. tal

    Oh my, I do love that tub!!! And it does still look brand new. I take baths in it every time I go home too.

  2. Doran & Jody
    Doran & Jody01-24-2012

    I LOVE this tub!

  3. Doran & Jody
    Doran & Jody01-24-2012

    I LOVE this tub!

  4. RoeH

    Hey! I want a bathtub like that. :)

  5. lese

    The funny thing is that tub at Susie’s is newer looking than my tub at my house that is on 15 years old.

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