Stephanie Nielson Survived Fiery Plane Crash

I’m guilty of forgetting that other people have trials. When I sit in testimony meeting, I’m reminded that none of us escape trials in this life. I think it’s good to remember that, especially when meeting new people, of whom you have no knowledge. Sometimes we make opinions of people just by watching them. I have done this, and then when I hear their story — their trials that they have had to face — I regret that I didn’t cut them some slack.

And you know what? Not every story can or should be told. Some are too personal. But everyone has some.

Some are known, some can be shared, some are visible, like Stephanie Nielson — who suffered almost death when burned in an airplane crash. Her sufferings are visible, and yet I realize that all of us have sufferings, even when they are not visible.

Here is her blog: NieNie dialogues

Featured Image from {Parade photos by Justin Hackworth}