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Lessons on the value of money

Well, this is an embarrassing photo of me and my dad. actually, it’s hilarious. I can’t even remember the year, but I think it was 1972, when I had mononucleosis. My dad had a good sense of humor. And really, he had good taste in clothes. Well, maybe this wasn’t his best example, but come on the glasses are totally cool. He […]

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Halloween in whiting woods

Halloween traditions

I have fond memories of Halloween — costumes,  trick-or-treating, and big candy bars. Not those stupid “fun-sized” ones that we hand out now. My friends and I grabbed our pillowcases and walked the entire tract of  Whiting Woods. My mom said one year we had 200 trick-or-treaters come by our house. We never wore scary costumes. Kids didn’t dress with blood […]

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Boy Scouts Marching

Can you be a good Mormon and not do Scouts?

This is for those Mormon moms who might be struggling with the scouting program. I must confess — I’m not into Scouting. I raised four sons and every year I kept hoping the LDS church would drop the Boy Scout program as part of the Young Men’s Program. But some things become so “set” that changes just don’t happen. The […]

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tuck me in meaning

Tuck me in meaning

When I was young, my parents would “tuck me into bed.” As any parent knows, kids hate to go to bed at night — in fact it’s quite amazing to hear the excuses your kids will come up with — drinks of water, trips to the bathroom, anything to delay the inevitable. I remember saying “will you tuck me into […]

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The Big No Sleep

Motherhood is rewarding and exhausting. Some nights I would fall into bed and not even care that I was sleeping on the bare mattress — the mattress bare not me. My unfolded, clean sheets would be on the foot of the bed, where I dumped them from the dryer. I was just too tired to actually make the bed, so […]

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Coaching At The Blackboard

History by the Football Coach

When I was in middle school and high school, the boys PE teacher, the football coach, taught history. Every history teacher I had would rather have been out on the field smackin’ some kid on the behind, “way to go” or “get after them.”  My husband’s salty old coach said, “it’s testicle cutting time.” Great. They seemed to carry that spirit […]

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Dangerous Things For Little Kids

5 dangerous things you should let your little kids do

My kids love this TED Talk:   5 dangerous things you should let your little kids do | Talk Video | TED I received an email from my son who’s at BYU, married with a new baby. He’s just getting his feet wet with regards to parenting — experiencing the beginnings of what it’s like to have a child. We will […]

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girls pe in the 60s -- shared showers

Girls P.E. in the 60’s — Shared Showers

Girl’s P.E. in the 60’s was kind of like the military. You had a uniform, you had to shower, and you had to line-up naked before the teacher handed you a small white hand-towel to dry-off. The teacher was at the head of the line, grade-book in hand, ready to give you a check mark and a towel.  No checks after […]

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How to use an e-collar for dogs

My dog was not obeying me. She knows the “recall” but has a mind of her own. I was irritated. Dogs have a way of knowing when you’re irritated with them. There’s no hiding this from your dog. Maybe it was time for a dog training collar — called an e-collar or remote collar. My dog came to live with […]

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I visited Zion National Park during the government shutdown and saved $25

I was at the Fairfield in Provo, sitting at one of those tables in the free breakfast area when I overheard a couple talking about the federal government shutting down the national parks. I hadn’t been following the news, just working on getting my son to the MTC, so I didn’t really know what they were talking about. But it […]

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