Do Not Disturb 1965

Do Not Disturb — Doris Day Rod Taylor

Doris Day and Rod Taylor pair-up in this 1965 comedy, “Do Not Disturb”. One of my favorite scenes is when she shows up at the wool convention in her gold dress, with a low sweeping back-line. While dancing, someone throws a grape down the back of her dress, which results in her getting more attention as she tries to shimmy the grape out.

This film did not receive the best reviews back in 1965, seems even then the critics were not fond of the main woman being so focused on decorating her home with the perfect antique pieces. But there are some great scenes, and if you are a Doris Day fan you will enjoy the film. Rod Taylor plays the business man husband who could get into trouble with his fetching female assistant, Claire Hackett, (but doesn’t) and Doris makes sure he is still focused on her feminine features. She does a little antique shopping in Paris and gets into a frolic with the French dealer (but doesn’t really). It’s a fun film. Same stresses of marriage and business, minus the gold dress.



  • dgenetaylor

    Nice dress. Love Doris, especially in that outfit.