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Doris Day and Clark Gable “Teacher’s Pet”

This is another of my favs from our classic movie collection. And, yes, all my kids have seen and enjoyed it. When I want a little break from the chaos of life, I want a movie that makes me laugh and feel good. I have enough real-life drama going on.

Doris Day and Clark Gable pair-off in this comedy. She is a professor of English Journalism teaching the how-to’s of writing for a newspaper and Clark Gable is the newspaper man who learned his skill at the school of hard-knocks. When they meet, she does not know who he really is. Gig Young is the other male suitor in the film.

The movie was shot at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, CA.


This is a great scene–the kiss. I just love the part when her knees go out, now that’s the feeling, baby. I just can’t help but laugh.


In this scene, Clark Gable’s dinner date is also the stage show — which turns out to be more show than he wanted. He is hilarious in his reactions.

The top photo of Doris throwing the tablecloth over to Gable? That’s when she is imitating the “girl who invented rock n’ roll,” after this dinner scene.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/05246850029056713294 Julie Harward

    These were the best movies…too bad so many kids now totally missed them!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/10342635172904848811 Jocelyn Christensen

    All Doris Day movies rock! Thanks for this fine list of movies!!! And thanks for all of your mentorship in the blog world! :)