Feeling So Smart But Still Blonde

I was feeling so smart this morning. Sure, I took a little caffeine to get me going, but I was feeling optimistic. I prepared to go for my walk — saw the dogs by the front door and felt guilty leaving them, so I brought them along. I usually only take one, but my son is out of town and his beast is in my care. 

Mother Eve is the mother of all living around here.

Like I said, I was feeling so smart, I put their pinch collars on for better control, leashed them up on either side of me, and took off, looking like I knew what I was doing. German Shepherds always look good when they stay at your side, in the heel command. And they were not pulling, they were looking good.

Exercise is good for the soul, the body and spirit. 

And I need both. 

I always feel better when I get back from a walk. In fact, lately I put my workout clothes on first thing in the morning, committed to go. Then I just promise to get going, and then if I am feeling good, I decide to take the longer route.

That’s what I did this morning. Up the hill, across the mountain, along the path. I was feeling so good I decided to jog. The dogs were now off leash, just trotting and sniffing ahead of me. 

I finally reached the halfway point, the downhill for awhile, at about 45 mins out. I was feeling good that I had managed both the dogs. See, I can do this. Then I reached for my phone, couldn’t find it and realized I must have dropped it somewhere along the trail. 

How did that happen?

Well, that changed my plans, and we turned back; I was glad I hadn’t strayed from the path, it would be easier to find my phone. But I was feeling a little dumb blonde-ish. The trail was empty of people, thank goodness, no witnesses. I kept looking ahead, spying what looked like a phone, but was only dog poop. 

Finally I found it. Right at the spot where I was telling the dogs to “leave it” at some squirrel in the tree.

That’s one way to increase your speed and your distance. I do appreciate the cool breeze we have today. And that I will not have to replace my phone.

This is from my house looking across to the hill that I walked along:

This is a shot from the trail, now on that other side:

Happy Dogs

Disclaimer: that’s not me in the photo walking the dogs, that is from a previous walk, my cute daughter-in-law with the pony tail. She inspires me.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04432398383127199206 bj

    O, what a beautiful space you have for your walking and jogging. Beautiful country.
    The dogs are beautiful, too. :))
    I am linking up to follow you…maybe I’ll meet you on the walk some morning. :)))

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02944899733768126383 Patty Ann

    Oh, this looks wonderful, and they look like such good dogs too!!