• This particular home made anti-fungal cream really does work; better than what you might buy in the tube. I know whereof I speak–having participated in athletics all my life–from one weight room to another, public pools, in and out of locker rooms–one is likely to contact a nasty microbe. Tea tree oil alone is too strong–and it will burn in the worst way, for some applications. Trust the shea butter concoction; it really works–where hubby might need it most, form time to time.

  • :)

    Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I have been going to the dermatologist for the past six years, and no ointment seems to help. This has started to work its magic after a routine. Thanks!

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  • Muddy Waters

    will this work on yeast infections on the skin?

    • Studies have shown that tea tree oil is effective against the yeast infections on the skin — the candida yeast infections. http://jac.oxfordjournals.org/content/53/6/1081.short

      So it’s worth a try. Yeast is very stubborn, like most fungi — it often takes about two weeks. You can use the cream several times a day though.

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  • Good_Times

    At 35 yrs old I just got diagnosed with my first bout of jock rash, yay me. I’ll be trying this anti fungal cream just as soon as I can get the ingredients together. I’m not a stranger to natural remedies and your recipe looks legit. Thanks for posting it, and I like your other recipes too. Two thumbs up!

  • sadface

    I just got my first yeast infection on my manhood. It’s very red and irritated. Is natural cocoa butter good enough to get rid of it or should I get a combination of one of the above?

    • cocoa butter alone does not have anti-yeast or anti-fungal properties — so best to mix up a batch with the essential oils. use the one with beeswax and shea, twice a day until it is better, then use it daily.

  • Karren Mae

    i am a student who is currently finding an ingredients for antifungal cream and uses Basil essential oil as an active ingredient.. is it ok to use this ingredients even though they have different Active ingredient? is it still effective? please i am dying to know T.T

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