Is Mitt Romney Too Old-Fashioned?

I am kind of yearning for some good old-fashioned values. Mitt Romney has been painted as being out-of-touch and old-fashioned because his wife stayed home raising five sons while he earned the living. For me, that is the ideal, even though we all can’t have it. And Mitt knows that too. I like the idea of some old-fashioned values mixed up with some hard-earned values such as equality for women and all races. You don’t see him banning Ann from the campaign trail to the kitchen. She works alongside him.

No man or woman is perfect in this life, but we have a responsibility to stand up for what we think is right and try to help. In my opinion, this is what Mitt Romney is trying to do. He wants to use his talents to help our country get out of debt.  Sure he has some flaws, but we all do. Romney has good old-fashioned values, for work and family that I would like to see leading this country — Especially in light of Obama’s Secret Service prostitute scandal (that has sex and alcohol all over their hands), the big government agency, GSA scandal (that has excessive spending all over their hands), and an urgency from media to remove God and responsibility from our life and replace it with Big Brother (that is deeply in-debt and not doing that great a job).

This is one of my favorite new teaching methods — the white board cartoon drawing lecture:

  • Nice post. Thanks for the graphic. Watching, I actually did weep a little bit, with understand. The pictures are engaging, and more importantly, the words ring true.. you can feel it.

  • That was an amazing video!! Loved it!!

  • Romney will be at my husbands company on Monday … at their headquarters in another state – I realllly would like to go!!

    • Leslie– Back when he campaigned in Reno, Nevada we drove over from No. Cal. It took about 2 hrs,but we sure had fun, good memory maker and we got a photo signed that was taken of Mitt and my sons during the last election cycle. I liked him, he was a nice guy, relaxed, and looked at you with interest.

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