Mitt Romney Family — More Than Money

Everyone likes to talk about Mitt Romney’s money — but his most valuable investments are in his family. Mormons value family, in fact all of our teachings and ordinances have to with family. Those baptisms for the dead — its all about family. I often reflect with thanks that my kids have taken the responsibility to marry and raise a family — because it is not an easy feat. But the blessings and experience cannot be found elsewhere. As I look back over my married life, I’m just glad I hung on for a ride of a lifetime.

Watch the Mitt Romney’s sons talk about their dad on the Conan Show.

Now that’s an investment with rich dividends:

  • Rozy Lass

    Such a beautiful family–What’s not to like about them?

  • Julie Harward

    I just keep praying that God will open the eyes and the minds of the people of the USA to who this man really is…we so need him!

  • Beth at Aunties

    This is a wonderful post about a truly remarkable family. We too pray daily that hearts will be opened, and the truth will be known to what Mitt can do make our country as great as it once was. He has the skills! We watched him work miracles with the Olympics! He cares about others more than himself and he cares about our country and that is why he is running. His salary was only 1.00 a year while he over saw the Olympics and I believe it was the same when he served as govenor. This is not a man who is about the monetary things of life, more than helping others. His family is his most valuable investment. He never missed a parent teacher conference! I agree with with Julie….We need him!

  • dgenetaylor

    Cute post. Thanks.

  • RAOckle

    I am not a Republican or Democrat, but I do like the Romney family. We need a person with strong faith and family values.

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