Mitt Romney Family

Mitt Romney (left) with his Mom (Lenore LaFount) and Dad (George Romney) and sisters (Margo and Jane)

Mitt Romney with Dad and Mom

George Romney, Mitt

George Romney with son, Mitt

Mitt Romney with his brother (G. Scott) and dad, George Romney

Ann and Mitt Romney

Mitt and Ann Romney
Young Mitt Romney (the perks of his dad’s work — learn to drive younger)
Young Mitt Romney (even Mitt had a rag-a-muffin look on some days)

Image credit: Eric Draper

Mitt and Ann Romney with their five sons Tagg, Matt, Ben, Craig, and Josh 

  • Pedaling

    Mitt sure had a good fund raising week, this last little bit! Yippee! Go, Mitt, Go!

  • RoeH

    He’s a cutie, isn’t he. This is an interesting election. A Mormon and an African American – two groups which have gotten the most anti-prejudice in history.

  • RoeH

    I think I said ‘anti-prejudice’ wrong but you get the drift. :)

  • Deila Taylor

    Yea, I get it. Very interesting, all this prejudice. Mitt looks like a typical little kid in that last photo — barefoot and all. After that Supreme Court ruling, the funding did get better. Funny how things that seem not so good, may turn out good.

  • Leslie

    Great photos. It would be great to have a family in office that I could admire again. Happy Monday

  • Saimi

    Love those family photo’s! Although the brother favored his dad back in the day, I think Mitt grew into his dad’s looks later. He’s the spitting image of his father now.

  • The Atomic Mom

    Great family photos. I love his sisters’ beehive hairdoos….