Conan video — Mitt Romney’s sons talk about their dad

Family is important to Mormons. Here you get a sneak peek of Mitt Romney’s sons —  Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben and Craig — they make an appearance on the Conan show. It’s worth the watch, you can always count on your kids telling stories about you in your absence. Whenever I have taught the 3-year olds in Primary (sunday school in Mormon lingo) I heard all the family goings-on. Overall, there is nothing weird about our Mormon religion and family life. Mitt hardly seems like the uptight dad, all work, no play kind-of-guy. It sounds like he connected with his kids in a meaningful and playful way. From my experience of having four sons and a husband — boys love to wrestle, play pranks, and generally be sillier than women. Conan said he heard that Mitt can do the “moonwalk”– was it true? They hadn’t seen it, but here’s the story.

Watch the NBC interview of them “Romney boys” Here

Here’s a photo of 23-year old Mitt Romney with his first son, Tagg:

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  • Pedaling

    good stuff! Love the Romneys and dig Conan!

  • Donald Taylor

    Conan the Barbarian.