Mormon Movie Making

One day, hubby dear decided he wanted to follow another career path. This kind of news creates fear in most women. It was 1985; I was 31, pregnant with my third child. He had a solid job, with a car and insurance as an industrial engineer for Airco. He traded all of this for a job as an assistant to the producer at BYU’s motion picture studio. Yep, he had been writing a screenplay for a movie about Joseph Smith.

Against my better judgement and place in reality, I accepted this new venture. We stayed for a year, I had my baby, lived in the beautiful Alpine and discovered he was ahead of his time. He never got back to the movie-making dream, but I was glad to see these new Bible videos being produced.

If you watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional, you saw one of the new Bible videos being produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Find them here.Here’s a look at the set:

Image: LDS Screen shot from Bible Video

When he was working there in 1985, he worked on several videos  one — The new Man’s Search for Happiness.

  • Pedaling

    These short video’s are exquisitely beautiful. Don’t think I’ve seen anything quite so wonderful.
    I love them all. Don’t you just love how the wise men come and see the toddler babe….I love that.