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God will order and provide

About two weeks ago I was so distressed over the disorder and chaos in my life. All week, as I walked the dogs I memorized a poem, actually a poem set to a hymn. It has become my mantra because it was one of the tender mercies of the Lord given to me one fretful Sunday morning. I worked on memorizing it all week — Be Still My Soul Be still my soul: the Lord is on they side.  With patience bear they cross of grief or pain.   Leave to thy God to order and provide. In every change he...

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Finding My Perspective

No need to describe all the trials, but my sister and I were comparing. At the end of our conversation she said, “well let me know if you figure out how to handle all this.” I don’t know the answer, but shared with her my most recent eye-opening understanding of my early morning scripture reading. It seems God does not always deliver us from our trials. Even when we are doing everything right. Nephi’s brothers tied him up when they were in their “ship” on the sea, headed for the “promised land.”  They wanted to kill him.  Nephi was...

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Tender Mercies

  Today I canceled my trip to Hawaii, well the expensive hotel anyway.  The air is on frequent flier miles, so I am still thinking we can go, even for a few days, use some points at the Marriott. Yea, right after we moved my husband’s work changed.    He is now consulting for the consultant that has his job.  That’s a head scratching dilemma.  We will leave it at that, as I am still exercising faith that it will somehow all work out for the better. In the not too-distant future that is. It was going to be our...

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When Things Seemingly Go Wrong….

Sometimes when things go wrong, they may be right.I read the book by Enzio Busche, Yearning for the Living God. This was an enjoyable book, easy to read, and uplifting with many stories from his life. As I read his book I learned to be more aware of the hand of God in my life, and that many times, things which seem to go wrong are actually the course that does the most good. For example, last year, Ephraim and I had an interesting experience. He  had been preparing for his mission, one item which included the task of...

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