• http://www.blogger.com/profile/06814109921379333571 Deila Taylor

    Just use freshly ground wheat flour and you’ll have all the wheat germ you need!

    • dannyR

      And the calories and gluten you don’t.

  • Lesley

    That pesky auto-correct is probably to blame for your use of ‘untested’ v ‘untoasted.’ Confusing only for an absolute nubie. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this article and especially liked the inclusion of the diagram. Have been trying to find out which is better, toasted or untoasted wheat germ, for optimal nutritional value. Have yet to come across a definitive answer. Will tag you for future reference, and look for you on FB, as well.

    • http://www.deilataylor.com/ deila

      Lesley — LOL — ‘untested’ — thanks for the heads-up on that typo — autocorrect. I went back and fixed them! Pretty funny. Let me know if you find anything more about the wheat germs. thx.

  • dannyR

    One note: raw wheat germ, if you enjoy the ‘flavour’, produces obnoxious-smelling gas if you eat it in any quantity. The drawback of toasted is that only one company makes it, and it’s tricky to make yourself, burning happens at the slightest overheating, ruining the nutrition as well as the taste. Only commercial production allows for roasting free of the damaging oxygen in the air, and vacuum or nitrogen packaging.

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