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Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

I’m a blonde and you know the saying, blondes have more fun. My daughter does my hair — blonde highlights and lowlights are a must for a natural blonde. I don’t want to look all bleached-out like my 1980′s hair. It has to look natural, like when I was a kid, especially in my 50′s — oh my gosh , did I say that?

I am sooo glad I am not paying cash for my day at the hairdresser – just babysit my yummy grandkids. Its a match made in heaven.

So for the weave, the low lights — first we tried 5N and 6C (that’s N neutral and C cool) because my hair naturally pulls gold, too much gold. But it came out a little too dark. Probably because we used 20 volume and I forgot to rinse it out after only 30 minutes — I was crafting with my granddaughter and went 45 mins. processing.

I don’t know why it looks a little pink there. But that’s cool, I’m having fun.

Blonde Highlights and Lowlights:

The next day my hairdresser daughter decided she didn’t like the dark, it didn’t match my roots which are about a 10A or 11A:

She lightened the strands up. We’re still trying to get my roots to pick up an ash blonde color instead of the gold.

Here is the updated, less lowlight look:

My favorite Bugs Bunny — Barber of Seville (youtube): Bugs makes a fruit salad on Elmer Fudd’s head.


  • Leslie

    I love it!!!! My hair is a little washed out and those darn grey hairs just won’t go away! My 40th birthday is in about 3 weeks ~ I think a new color treatment is a great idea!
    Have fun.

  • Pedaling

    I love the color and the cut.
    So pretty. I love a beautiful blond color like that. Never change stylists! ;)