Deila Taylor is the owner/blogger of Eve Out of the Garden ( where she writes about life — homeschooling, homesteading, health, and seeking greater light and knowledge. As a writer, she has been published in Exponent II, LDS Living, Mormon Woman Project, The Nest, Livestrong Nutrition, and San Francisco Gate Healthy. Deila received a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry at Occidental College with graduate work towards a PhD. at USC in pharmacology. And because she is a bit of an education rebel (having homeschooled her kids,) she recently completed a MA degree in Education specializing in online learning. Deila and her husband, Gene, have four sons and a daughter and six grandchildren. She works as a Contract Manager for Taylor Energy, a nonprofit sustainable energy research & development company in California. Deila loves changes in the weather, blue skies, geological curiosities, rocks and minerals, the seashore, honeybees and herbs, orchards, and hikes in nature.

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