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Watch on Vimeo an interview with Avraham

Interview Highlights:

7:50 Avraham’s Growing Up Years in Nazi Occupied Holland during WWII. Spiritual lessons learned.
11:00 Development of his testimony of Jesus Christ during his New Zealand childhood. Drumming in a Rock Band, and why he gave up his Rock-n-Roll career.
13:50 What lead to his love of Isaiah and why it “spoke to him.” Years in a Catholic Seminary to become a Priest.
Moving to Israel to study Hebrew and enter a Rabbinical School.
Conversion to the Book of Mormon
19:00 His conversion to the Book of Mormon.
26:00 1st Israeli Citizen to be baptized into the LDS Church. Orson Hyde dedicated Israel 99 years before on Avraham’s Birthday.
29:00 What brought Avraham to BYU – Beginning research into Isaiah
37:30 King James Bible translation problems and why his translation is better.
38:45 & 54:00 Literary Analysis – Why his work is so different from other Isaiah Scholars, and how it created both friends and enemies.
42:00 Hugh Nibley and his other mentors at BYU.
54:55 What events lead to his excommunication and How Elder Neil Maxwell later reversed it.
1:01:00 The Servant and his importance.
1:05:00 Questions from the studio audience.

Many people avoid all of Avraham Gileadi’s scholarly inspirational work because he was identified with the September Six excommunicated. His book The Last Days was considered inconsistent with standard understanding of the meaning of Isaiah. His excommunication was later “expunged” at the request of Apostle Neal Maxwell — Avraham is a Mormon today, attends the temple and is active in his ward. It was a sad story — his excommunication and I read about it from the daughter of the stake president who had a first hand account of what happened. You can read that transcript here.

Gileadi had to endure a great phase of descent before his ascent — and even today, some people will not take his work seriously. But I have a personal witness that his understanding of Isaiah is the truth. I am thankful that I read his books early, back in 1990.