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Free Beginner’s Guide




WordPress (Site builder for your self-hosted blog)(free):


WordPress.org is the site where you go to get your WordPress blog started if you are going to choose your own hosting company, such as Bluehost. The WordPress.com is for free blogs, with very limited choices in design.

If you need my tutorial on this,  click here.



Hosting your blog

(where your blog will be stored and delivered):

Bluehost for bloggers

 Bluehost is my hosting company. It was simple to set up and a great price. They have easy to follow directions, and they answer your emails right away. I have used the online chat service with them as well and they were great.

Follow the directions here to get your domain and hosting and install WordPress.





WordPress Theme (how to make your blog look good):

mysitemyway wordpress theme

Mysitemyway is the WordPress theme I use. I wanted a WordPress theme that didn’t cost a fortune and had lots of options for design. Plus, I wanted to do the whole thing myself and pay someone else to do the work.  My site My way  says it all — and it got great reviews. One them only costs $35 –one time. And you get lots of support. You can choose from colors and layouts, so give it a try.





Monetize your Blog:



I monetized my blog with Blogher. I was accepted as a blogger when I was using the Blogger platform. It                 was easy to move  over to WordPress, and I am hoping that this will increase my revenue from the                               Blogher ads. You have to apply to Blogher to get their ads, but they pay out on page view which is great.



Moving your blog from Blogger to WordPress:

blogger to wordpress tutorial

If you need to move your blog from Blogger to WordPress — here is how I did it. I originally started my blog on the free Blogger platform and loved it. But I realized that I needed to get away from using a subdomain (.blogspot). I still love Blogger for other blogs, but when you decide to monetize your blog it is better to go with WordPress.