Joseph Smith was very much against forming a Mormon Creed. He remarked, that Methodists

“have creeds which a man must believe or be kicked out of their church. I want the liberty to believe as I please, it feels so good not to be tramelled. It does not prove that a man is not a good man because he errs in doctrine.”  (Rough Stone Rolling, Bushman) (History of the Church, vol 5, pg 340)

Joseph felt that creeds set limits, “and say ‘hitherto shalt thou come & no further’ — which I cannot subscribe to.”

He explained that the difference between the Christian sects and The Latter Day Saints was that the sectarians

“were all circumscribed by some peculiar creed, which deprived its members the privilege of believing anything not contained therein; whereas the Latter Day Saints had no creed, but are ready to believe all true principles that exist, as they are made manifest from time to time.” (Rough Stone Rolling, Bushman, p. 285)

I believe in all truth as it comes forward — in the form of revelation and the discovery of ancient texts. “The Book of Mormon” and “The Pearl of Great Price” are ancient texts where we find truth. There are others.
I believe that each individual has the responsibility to receive Heavenly guidance — to teach, to guide, to lead your family — but not for whole church, that’s the responsibility of the Prophet. There has to be some order.
Most Christians follow the Nicene Creed, set in 325 A.D. They believe the Book of Revelation to be the last word of God through the Apostle John. Mormons believe that God speaks in all times. We believe in the Old Testament, the New Testament, but that’s not all. When things like the Dead Sea Scrolls are found, Mormon scholars anxiously read them, finding greater light and knowledge. Mormon beliefs are more in-line with First Century Christians compared to those of the 4th Century and their Nicene Creed and Holy Trinity.
Joseph Smith did not want a Mormon Creed
References: Joseph Smith Rough Stone Rolling, Bushman, pg.285
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