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The Lord made garments of skin — whose skin?

I wear a garment. That’s a funny name for something that has a lot of meaning and ancient history. Especially since it’s my underwear and Mormons get a lot of flack about it. The garment I wear symbolizes the coat of skin given to Adam and Eve after they were found naked in the garden, having eaten that most delicious fruit. But that garment of skin could be our own mortal skin. “Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skins, and clothed them” (Genesis 3:21) I have always thought the coat of...

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Women feminists, men masculinists?

  I grew up during the height of women’s lib. I might have even abandoned my bra for a day or two. I understand some of the desires of women; but of course we are all different. And I like that. I don’t want to be stereotyped. I don’t see myself as a feminist, I see myself as an “equalist,” where:   a(b + c) = ab + ac. Different, but equal. I don’t want to be better then a man. I don’t want to be just like a man either. But I want to work together, each of us bringing our talents and natural inclinations to produce good things.   Men and women are different. This is not bad. Men are masculine (I like that.) But men don’t call themselves “masculinists.” That wouldn’t go over. Yet we expect men to be happy with women assuming the label of “feminist.” It’s really kind of a put-off, from my perspective. It’s very divisive and that’s not good when you’re working in a team. We work together to raise a family, make a living and overcome our trials.   I see women getting angry today over everything from birth-control to high-powered jobs. One problem I see today is that women who choose to have more than two kids, stay home, homeschool, work part-time, make crafts, cook and heaven-forbid — sew and...

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The Two Awakenings of Adam

I am very curious about the two awakenings of Adam. It’s almost like two births. What was Adam doing before he went down for the rib surgery? Adam is formed, God “breaths into his nostrils the breath of life” and Adam awakens the first time — he becomes a living soul. God goes about planting and watering the garden which is eastward in Eden and then He puts Adam in the garden and tells him to “dress and keep the garden”, and informs him of which trees he can eat; God tells him “don’t eat of the tree of...

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Eve In Charge, or am I Nagging?

It’s tough to be the mom and the wife and not the nag. I call it “reminding.” But you might say it is nagging. I often feel bad for reminding so often. I tell my kids and hubby that I would like to stop, and if they would just make it a habit I could — Like showering, no reminder needed. It’s not that I like to tell them how to do it, but if Adam and offspring would just get it done, than Eve could go back to other garden-tending. After all, wasn’t it Eve that kindly reminded Adam that he needed to stay with her?  And that is was good to pass through sorrow, to know the good from the bad?  And, let’s start a family now? Who knows how long Adam would have wandered around that garden. These days I am busy with many garden tending activities–the most pressing being our home school curriculum. There are so many new choices, it just keeps getting better. Twelve years ago when I started, I was hesitant, not sure that I could do this. Now, I just want to buy the best books, programs and on-line classes that match this last son’s temperament and abilities (and mine). It is always difficult to be Eve, to be gentle with the reminding, to set goals for the kids, and not be...

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