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A Manual for the After-Life

Here’s a pillow for your head, when you’re dead. If you were royalty in ancient Egypt, and newly dead, the “temple” workers would place this round pillow-papyrus thing under your head — after they removed your organs and wrapped you up mummy style. Meant to supply “life giving fire” to the head of the dead, it was a manual for the after-life. It was an instruction book, a manual of sorts, to guide you back into the presence of God. Kind of like the temple. It was all about resurrection and life after death. All things that I believe in — things that...

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Nibley’s One Eternal Round

When the Dead Sea scrolls were found in 1947, there was a shroud of secrecy over them and the general public were not allowed to see them. Some Religions of the day thought they might conflict with what they had already set as dogma.   It wasn’t until the 1980’s when the Biblical Archaeology Review began to publicly mount a campaign to have access, that some of the Dead Sea Scrolls began to come forward.   In the Pearl of Great Price, the Lord shows Abraham with the aid of the Urim and Thummim, all the stars and planets, the...

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Apocalypse of Abraham

  “A passage in the Apocalypse of Abraham reads like a modern description of the seething, ever-changing elements within a star. Abraham was shown the stars. An angel comes and takes him on a journey, during which Abraham goes into a trance. His spirit leaves his body, for when he comes back, it enters his body again and he has to be raised onto his feet. His spirit leaves his body, and the angel takes him to watch a star in the process of transformation.   What an effect it has on him! He says he sees an indescribably...

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God does not live on Kolob

One of the myths perpetuated in the media is this idea that Mormons believe God lives on Kolob. Does God live on Kolob? No. This comes up a number of times, most recently in the popular Broadway musical, The Book of Mormon, produced by those two guys that do the animated series, “Southpark”. Part of the problem is that some Mormons may believe that God lives on Kolob. One review quoted a NY Mormon who saw it and laughed at the show, agreeing that God lives on Kolob, she agreed, “yes, we believe that.” In one powerful number, I...

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