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How to Get Along With People at Church

On the whole, people at church are some of the kindest and caring people. I’ve received true acts of kindness. But you do have to realize that we are all human, and sometime, someone at church will do something to offend you, and it may become difficult not to get irritated, offended or otherwise put-off by these people you call “sister” and “brother” at church.   The gospel net brings in all kinds of fish, there are any number of catfish, squids, sting-rays and even sharks. There are also a number of beautiful fish. And, maybe some of those...

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Away With Stereotype Mormons

Not too long ago, I thought there was a stereotype Mormon woman. Funny too, because Brigham Young (prophet from 1844 to 1877) was totally against stereotype Mormons. I know, we have commandments to follow that set us apart, but we also have this idea of personal revelation — that it’s our job to receive inspiration and follow it. We believe in following the guidance we receive from the prophet, the scriptures and individually from the Lord. They shouldn’t conflict, true. But this still allows for individual paths. And, individual trials. President Monson has advised us to be more inclusive,...

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Why do some people hate religion so much?

Not everyone likes to hear about spiritual things. They won’t believe in anything unless it is explained by science or they can see it with their eyes. Even within religious groups, there will be those who entertain new ideas and those who’ve  closed their minds. There is truth to be found in many religions and sacred writings. Whenever I read a new book I hesitate to share it with just anyone. I had lunch with a friend yesterday, and shared one book. Because I felt she was receptive. Some people wince when they hear things of a spiritual nature....

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Let the cares of the world go by

Today, after being beat up in the business world for the umpteenth time, I ran off to the temple to find solace and peace. I want to be in the conduit to God, the place where God meets us earthlings. I love what I have learned from brother Hugh Nibley, and I am continually thankful for his words, research, and humor. I will follow Brigham Young’s advice: “….but as for me, though all the world should sink into oblivion, I will go up to worship the Lord. These were my feelings a year ago, and they are the same to-day....

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