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Leaving your children to go on vacation

  Is it ok to go on a long vacation and leave your little kids  —  let’s say a 19-month old baby, a 3-year old, a 5-year old  — for nine days? Do they understand that mommy and daddy will be back in nine days.  According to Early Childhood Today, they don’t understand the concept of time at this age . If this is just a pleasure trip (no emergency), consider getting away for a day instead. Or at least, take the 19-month old with you (Dr. Sears recommends this). Maybe leave the older kids with trustworthy grandparents, take the baby. The World Health Organization...

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Too Many Butterscotch Squares Today

When my kids wonder if I love one child more than another — or if they think I’m favoring one,  I remind them that I love each of them equally — “you’re like a box of fine, expensive chocolates, and I don’t have just one favorite.” True, some days I may seem to favor the dark chocolate almonds, but then I want a butterscotch square, or a dark raspberry creme, or a bordeaux. Of course, there are those days when I have said to myself “– too many butterscotch squares today, I need a break.” I have raised kids for a career. They are my big fat research projects (well, that and marriage.) And I have a son-in-law and two daughters-in-law, and two granddaughters to add to my chocolate assortment. My mom says that when I was one, I could recognize the See’s candy shop by sight and I would point to my mouth and make yummy sounds — maybe because my grandma used to give me little bites of chocolate from her box of candy. Or maybe they have See’s Candy Shops in the pre-earth life. Progeny is the only thing that goes on forever–everything else–all matter–decays and is recycled and reused. I am thankful everyday that I made the choice to have these five kids (and motherhood is a tough, continual career that requires much chocolate, for...

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Should Kids Be the Center of Attention?

My Mother-in-law always frowned on the idea of little kids being the center of attention. (bless her heart) I have disagreed. Why shouldn’t kids be the center of attention? Especially in families with more than one child; it’s hard enough to get your share of attention. I’ve just never understood why she was against it. My 3-year old granddaughter got a hula-hoop over Easter. Family and friends were over, the house was busy and my daughter had relocated to the back bedroom to nurse her baby when she heard some noise in the other room — like maybe her daughter was making a mess — and decided she better check. This cutie girl, with hula hoop in hand, beamed up to her mom and announced, “there’s more seats available.” My daughter looked around the room at the sofas and chairs, found an audience of family and friends, and yes, joined them, in the available seating. Now, I think it’s just dang cute. And I recall my daughter doing the same — a little dance to the Little Mermaid for Auntie Diane and family. She grew up and out of that stage, but it was fun and so child-like. Those are moments I cherish. And what about this face? I can’t help but...

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Taking Time to Be Happy

Sometimes we’re too hard on ourselves. We overlook those days of motherhood success. Last week my 15 year-old son spoke in church–Sacrament meeting. He  did it all — the writing, the practicing, the delivery. I was happy. He did well and as a mom, this is one of those happy, content moments of motherhood and raising kids in the Gospel. Today, my married son, age 26 and his wife, 24 spoke in Sacrament meeting. Again, a great feeling of happiness came over me.  They did a great job, they were thoughtful and inspiring, and not boring. (which is definitely...

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