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Oh Wow. Oh Wow. Oh Wow.

 Image Death comes unexpectedly for some. Expected for others. And for some — they get a peek before they go. Did Steve Jobs see through the veil when he uttered his last words — OH WOW, OH WOW, OH WOW? There are those who explain these phenomena — seeing your ancestors or your life in review — as a firing of neurons, the brain shutting down. My sister-in-law died unexpectedly. But many years before that day she had a near-death experience. While in childbirth, a c-section, she passed through the veil, across a river of water to meet family that had passed on. Later she discounted this event as something like carbon monoxide poisoning. She was firmly rooted in the here and now and very much agnostic or atheist. When she died for good, she slipped off a cliff on the coast of Maine into the icy Atlantic Ocean. It was a New Year’s Day, some years ago. She had been watching, with concern, her two teenagers surfing. At the funeral, one of her friends shared a dream she had that fateful night — in the dream, she received a phone call from my sister-in-law apologizing for staying in that next life, saying, “it was just so green, I had to stay.” Hugh Nibley shared a near-death experience that convinced him of the reality of life after death. He...

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Separations At Death

I was reading my scriptures this morning and was struck by the comparison of spiritual death to temporal death. We understand alot about the physical death of the body. When the body and it’s physical functions cease–so does the life of that person’s body cease. It dies, and it decays, it returns to the dust so to speak. Those of faith believe that the spirit of man slips out of that physical body and ascends to his maker–to God, to heaven, to the spirit world. At the very moment the body dies, man experiences the temporal or physical death, a separation from this life, but the spirit along with the intelligence or mind of that man, continues to live. At death we are kicked out of this world as we know it. Adam and Eve experienced a spiritual death, a death that occurred because they partook of the forbidden fruit, the fruit of the tree of good and evil–a necessary step for the progression of all men, but nevertheless, a step that caused another separation. They became separated from God’s presence. The life in the garden ceased to exist for them, they were kicked out of the garden, they died. The spiritual death is much like the physical one we are acquainted with here on earth. The pain and loss we feel here when a loved one dies, must...

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Where is The Spirit World?

My step-dad of 27 years died on Wednesday, the 8th of Sep.  He was almost 89. His health had been declining the last month and for some reason his platelets fell and his body just kept destroying new ones. He is now in the spirit world. But, where is the spirit world? Some people believe that the spirit world is far away — Some other place than this world. Somewhere in heaven. But I believe the spirit world is right here, in another plane of existence, made up of spiritual matter that we cannot see with our physical eyes. But...

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Happy Birthday Michelle

Today is Michelle’s birthday. She is the new addition to our family. Not a baby–I am 55 here. But she is my daughter-in-law, just married last December to my son, Brigham. She is a most choice addition for many reasons. I often write about the trials of this mortal life. Michelle’s mom died of breast cancer when she was about 14, leaving her with two brothers, and a narcissistic father. I asked her today a little bit about her mom. She must have been an extraordinary woman of faith. Her first marriage ended with the death of her husband. Her second ended with her own death. Having survived breast cancer at a young age, she became pregnant with her first two kids, Michelle being the second. And then the cancer that was in remission, decided not to be in remission, and she lost her third child, undergoing chemotherapy. It was about this time that she found friendships among her Mormon neighbors.  And sometime later, joined the Mormon church. She was blessed with a second remission, and a third child was added to the family. This would have been the best ending, had the cancer not returned a third time. And this time, it never went into remission, but left her blind for two years, eventually taking her life. Michelle is remarkably pleasant, resilient, optimistic, “bubbly” and shows no signs...

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