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Dog Safety: What are the Pros and Cons of an Electronic Dog Fence?

My dog loves to run free and chase the squirrels. Luckily she never catches any — they run up the tree and laugh at her. The ultimate goal of any dog owner is to keep their dog happy, healthy, and safe. If you have a yard in which your dog can run and roam freely to their heart’s content, then you’ve got happiness and health covered. Safety will be accomplished when your yard is fenced to prevent your dog from escaping your property and getting lost. A standard or an electronic fence – or a combination of both –...

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How to use an e-collar for dogs

My dog was not obeying me. She knows the “recall” but has a mind of her own. I was irritated. Dogs have a way of knowing when you’re irritated with them. There’s no hiding this from your dog. Maybe it was time for a dog training collar — called an e-collar or remote collar. My dog came to live with me because my kids begged me for a dog, promised to take care of her, feed her, walk her, train her–everything that a dog needs. She is a German Shepherd,  and I have seen her through several medical conditions–mites, an...

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Be more dog

I’ve had cats, I’ve had dogs. They’re different. I guess that’s why dog lovers often hate cats, and many cat lovers don’t want dogs. I appreciate both species and their distinct characteristics. In a literature class at Occidental College I became acquainted with T.S. Elliot’s  Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats… and the varied personalities of cats — the Rum Tum Tugger and the Old Gumbie Cat to name a few. We had a Beige Kitty who always wanted to be on the other side of a door. She even knew how to pretend “meow”.  She would stand outside, at the...

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Yikes, My Dog Has a Tick!

 We never had any ticks in Southern California, even on the hiking trails, we never had one of them hitch a ride. But here in Northern Cal, yep, ticks. These little arachnids, are really external parasites, and quite frankly, they give me the creeps. Here’s what you need to know about ticks and how to remove a tick. They carry diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever and other things that can make you and your dog sick. True, they can be clean, but they can be dirty. In fact, around here, as mother Eve, I like...

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Dog personalities

My dog grabs the ear of other dogs, all playful-like, but super annoying. She has been doing this ever since we got her as a 4-mo. old puppy. She is a German Shepherd, now 5 years old, and still does this ear-nipping thing…on end. Her favorite game is to run, and play chase with other dogs, so if they aren’t gettin’ it, she gives them this ear-nip to bug them; and bug them she does — they chase her and growl at her — and she loves it. You know, “na na na na na, you can’t catch me…”...

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