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By The Light of the Silvery Moon

Nobody wants to serve up their pet turkey for Thanksgiving. Especially Wesley. So he doesn’t. But his family is expecting him to bring back a turkey from the butcher, fully thinking that he took the pet turkey in to be butchered.   “By The Light of The Silvery Moon”is a classic 1953 film that revolves around the Thanksgiving holiday. Doris Day plays Marjorie Winfield who teams up with Bill Sherman played by Gordon MacRae. The turkey part is when Marjorie’s young brother, Wesley is not willing to give up his pet turkey for the feast. Billy Gray plays Wesley...

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More proof of the visual man

My humor for the day is a clip from this 1961 Doris Day movie, called “Lover Come Back.” It’s the VIP movie. Doris Day plays Miss Carol Templeton, an ad executive for a New York advertising agency. Rock Hudson is an ad exec for a competing Agency, where he wines and dines his clients, setting up wild parties with girls. Doris reports him to the Ad Council for unethical conduct, but Jerry Webster (Rock Hudson) manages to side step this by sending in one of his bombshell girls, Rebel Davis (Edie Adams), to represent him. Rebel woos the Ad Council...

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Doris Day and Clark Gable “Teacher’s Pet”

This is another of my favs from our classic movie collection. And, yes, all my kids have seen and enjoyed it. When I want a little break from the chaos of life, I want a movie that makes me laugh and feel good. I have enough real-life drama going on. Doris Day and Clark Gable pair-off in this comedy. She is a professor of English Journalism teaching the how-to’s of writing for a newspaper and Clark Gable is the newspaper man who learned his skill at the school of hard-knocks. When they meet, she does not know who he...

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Doris Day and David Niven “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies”

I love this film, Doris does a great job playing a mom of four boys. I have four boys (and 1 daughter), so maybe that’s why I appreciate the humor. Doris holds her own when a femme fatale starts moving in on husband, David Niven. “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies” is a 1960 comedy film starring Doris Day and David Niven. The story is about a New York theater critic, his wife and four boys who move to the country, leaving dear old dad to commute to the city. Doris Day’s real life husband, Marty Melcher, was one of...

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Doris Day and Rock Hudson movies

Doris Day stars with Rock Hudson in the 1960s romantic comedy, Send Me No Flowers. She loved working with Rock and they made a great team. This was their third and final film together. Tony Randall is the side-kick and the three of them have some fun with Rock Hudson’s character, who is a hypochondriac. My dad was a bit of a hypo too, so I recognize the symptoms. Rock plays George Kimball, who is always worried about his health, when one day he over-hears the doc say “oh it’s the ticker, how long has he got? Well, there’s...

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Doris Day in Calamity Jane

Doris Day said that this was one of her favorite musicals. She loved playing the tomboy, Calamity Jane. Maybe that’s because she saw herself as bit of a tomboy, as a young girl. She said in her biography that “I loved portraying Calamity Jane, who was a rambunctious, pistol-packing prairie girl (I lowered my voice and stuck out my chin a little).” The prairie girl gets a makeover when her new roommate dresses her in a feminine yellow frock — tomboy goes girly. But before Wild Bill gets to enjoy the new look, Calamity falls into a muddy creek,...

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Doris Day — Sunshine Overcame Abuse

I was surprised to read that my favorite actress, Doris Day, was abused by her first husband. When I was a little girl, I watched Doris Day movies like “Move Over Darling”, “That Touch of Mink”, “Pillow Talk” and “The Thrill of it All” — and I loved them (still do.) She has such an upbeat, happy personality and singing voice. When I’m feeling down and stressed-out, I watch one of her films. She makes me feel better.   In reviewing her movies on my blog, I decided to buy an old paper-back, “Doris Day — Her Own Story.” Doris, now...

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“Move Over Darling” — Doris Day

This just goes to show that having more than one wife is more than enough. “Move Over Darling”, a 1963 film starring Doris Day and James Garner, is actually a remake of the 1940 comedy, “My Favorite Wife.” The original film was in black and white and starred Irene Dunne and Cary Grant. Both films have the same story-line, but Doris Day and James Garner approach it a little differently from the original cast. Doris gets a bit more angry in situations where as Irene typically handles things with more humor. Don’t get me wrong, both films are comedy. The...

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Do Not Disturb — Doris Day Rod Taylor

Doris Day and Rod Taylor pair-up in this 1965 comedy, “Do Not Disturb”. One of my favorite scenes is when she shows up at the wool convention in her gold dress, with a low sweeping back-line. While dancing, someone throws a grape down the back of her dress, which results in her getting more attention as she tries to shimmy the grape out. This film did not receive the best reviews back in 1965, seems even then the critics were not fond of the main woman being so focused on decorating her home with the perfect antique pieces. But there...

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Doris Day and Rock Hudson in Lover Come Back

Doris Day and Rock Hudson team up in this comedy set in the 1960’s of Madison Avenue — the heart of the Advertising Agencies. Think of it as the Mad Men of yesteryear. Yea, that’s right, the allure of the Ad men of Madison Avenue was the theme of earlier movies and TV shows. Even Darin Stevens of “Bewitched” was one of the Ad men of that era. It must have been one of those prestigious careers. In “Lover Come Back,” Doris Day is an account executive at one firm, and Rock Hudson the Playboy-type is an account exec at another...

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