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Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is not a form of starvation but a way for you to time your meals to maximize your body’s ability to burn fat. Embed this infographic on your site to serve as a guide for you to create a healthy eating plan, and reap the many benefits of fasting done the right way. Use the embed code to share it on your website or visit our infographic page for the high-res version. Other sources: Intermittent...

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Benefits of a three day fast

A three-day fast is my favorite. And now, researchers have found that a three-day fast reboots your immune system. I love this. I know, I know, fasting is supposed  to bring your closer to God, or help you have greater spiritual strength.  Or just demonstrate to God that you are seriously seeking Him (because sometimes I only feel tired and not so spiritual). By-the-way, I always fast with water — it’s ok, Pres. Heber J. Grant said so. But we are physical beings as well as spiritual beings (D&C 89). And they are intertwined. When you fast for three...

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What it means to fast

Mormons fast once a month, on the first Sunday of the month. We go without food and drink for 24 hours and donate our money that we would’ve used for meals (and more if we desire) to the Church’s welfare program that will help those in need. We fast and pray for help beyond our physical reach, for ourselves and for people who may be struggling, who may be sick or may make important decisions. Other people of faith fast — the Jews on Tisha B’Av. Many Christians fast. Fasting requires two things: 1. Faith in the unseen, unknown spiritual...

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Fasting For What?

Fasting. What is it good for? Actually, it’s good for many things. I am a believer in the fast. I can’t give you any specific miracle from my fasting, but because I fast regularly, all the blessings/miracles in my life could be attributed to a fast. I pile them up — my fasts. And hope. And good things happen. Last Fast Sunday, I had a hard time getting my mind ready. I didn’t start my fast until Saturday night. I was in bed, and then my son brought in a hot, out-of-the-oven oatmeal cookie with raisins, and I had two....

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