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Homeschooling Grades 7 – 8 Curriculum

Seventh and eighth grade are kind of the bummer years in my opinion — if you go to public school those years can be really hard. Socially and emotionally speaking, kids are a mess, going through puberty and staging to be accepted by their peers and the opposite sex. I’ve shared my 1960s experiences of having to shower after gym class and line up with all the other girls.   When my first child was in middle school, back in 1984 — I pulled her out, after there was a rumble at the park — two boys from two...

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How to homeschool in California

If you homeschool in California, you will need to file your required paperwork in October. The statutory filing period is October 1 – October 15. Every year I have to file an affidavit to homeschool in California, which is called The Private School Affidavit. There is no such thing as filing as a homeschool in this state. Instead you must file as a private school. This is very easy to do, in fact I just filed mine online, answering some questions about how many students I have and then signing electronically. Filing with the California Department of Education is required yearly....

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Homeschooling Grades 9-12 Curriculum

(some links go to my affiliate account with Amazon) Grade 9 First Semester Curriculum Grade 9 Second Semester Update Grade 10 First and Second Semester Grade 11 First and Second Semester Reviews:Biology: K12 Biology K12 — More Biology The Hot Zone (Book) Chemistry: Plato Online Chemistry Math: Saxon Algebra Teaching Textbooks Math Khan Academy (Math) (Free)   Electives: K12 Flash Animation History: The World at War DVD Set World War II Videos: The World at War  The Biography Website The History Channel English Literature: Sparknotes Video of Classic Novels Wired For Reading (Free Audio Books)  Audio Books (Free) Grammar,...

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Homeschooling K-4 Curriculum

History:  Story of The World (links to my affiliate account with Amazon) Four books, workbooks, tests, audio CDs. This course starts in grade 1 and continues through grade 4, covering the history of the world in four consecutive years. This is the Susan Wise Bauer Series.   There is one book for each year.  My Review:  Story of The World  Phonics:  Explode The Code My Review of Explode The Code Phonics Pathways     Good for Dyslexia Earobics Good for Dyslexia   Language Arts: Grammar, Reading, Writing First Language Lessons     Books for each grade level The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading Writing With Ease     Books...

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