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The work of learning to rest on the Sabbath

I have a confession. It takes a lot of work to keep the Sabbath day of rest. Why is it so hard to rest, one day out of seven? I know it is a commandment, I know that even the non-religious researchers purport the value of rest. Athletes know this. But, I get distracted by things — the internet is probably the biggest one for me. That and multi-tasking. You may be able to do two or three things at a time, but you can’t really listen to two things at a time. Your mind will focus on one, at the...

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The left hand of the Lord

I briefly read a blog that someone recommended. But I am not of their camp — the groups of people who have followed after Denver and feel that they are the remnant — I do not believe they have all truth (though they have some.)  I looked at one blog that recommended a variety of books — from Denver to Hugh Nibley to Gileadi’s commentary on Isaiah. Yet, they must not study these last two — Nibley and Gileadi, because if they did, they would see their errors. This one blog talked about how we can reclaim everything that...

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The commandment to search Isaiah

I always hear about keeping the commandments. But what are they? It’s not that easy to name them all. The Israelites had it wrapped up into Ten Commandments, which makes sense. But then again, it became difficult trying to figure out what it meant to keep the Sabbath day holy. Just how many steps can you walk? Turn the light on? Drive a car? Even today, we had a class about making the Sabbath a delight. (Elder Nelson’s talk.) It’s not that easy to decide what is work and what is rest, and how to keep that commandment. Mind...

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The parroting stage

When I first started to homeshool, I searched everywhere for information on how to do it. My sister tipped me off to a book about a classical education called The Well Trained Mind (link to my affiliate account with Amazon). (links to my affiliate account with Amazon) The author explains how children learn in stages, called the trivium: 1.  The Parrot Years — The Grammar Stage: Kindergarten through fourth grade 2.  The Argumentative Child — The Logic Stage: Fifth grade through eighth grade 3.  Speaking Your Mind — The Rhetoric Stage: Ninth grade through twelfth grade In the parrot years,...

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Unraveling the Book of Isaiah

I’ve always read the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible — mainly because it’s the one used by LDS church.  And I guess you could say that the KJV has a beautiful voice — in an ancient cadence kind-of-way, but it doesn’t hurt to look at other translations. In fact, it is helpful. Especially for the Book of Isaiah. Other ancient texts have come forth since the ones used for the 1611 King James version — texts and Hebrew scholars more adept at translation. And Joseph Smith believed the Bible to be the word of God as far...

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Dreams, visions, near-deaths, and the end-time prophecy of Isaiah

Avraham Gileadi will analyze some of my favorite subjects — dreams, visions, and near-death experiences alongside the end-time prophecies of Isaiah. Hebrew scholar and author,  Avraham Gileadi will be sharing his thoughts and analysis in an 8-week seminar about the book of Isaiah’s message for us in the last days with the current influx of dreams, visions, and near-death experiences. I was really excited about the seminars when I first heard about them — but then I realized there was no way I could fly from California to Utah every week.  But good news — I just got an...

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Avraham Gileadi

In the summer of 1992, we had Avraham Gileadi stay at our home while he was giving seminars on the book of Isaiah. I was happy to offer our home, just to meet this great Hebrew scholar and literary analyst of Isaiah. I had read his book on the last days: Types and Shadows. Gileadi had become an orthodox Jew, studying and living in Israel before joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. While getting his PhD in Ancient Studies, he had been a student of Hugh Nibley. At the time he stayed with us, we...

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