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The Original Little Rascals

The Little Rascals is one of my favorite classics. It’s kids just being kids. The producer, Hal Roach, looked out his studio window, after auditioning some children for his new series and found something he liked better — kids, not trying to act, but kids in action, doing things when no adult is around — like picking up sticks and sparring. It was a glimpse of the first reality TV show. And Hal Roach brought it all together in his production of “The Little Rascals”. The series was syndicated by TV and pretty soon America got a taste of reality too. This...

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“Little Rascals” Buckwheat Billie Thomas — boy or girl?

Billie Thomas is best remembered as “Buckwheat” in the TV series, “The Little Rascals” and “Our Gang”. He was in the show from 1934 to its ending in 1944. But the real question is whether he was a boy or a girl. Born in Los Angeles, California, Thomas auditioned at the Hal Roach Studios at the age of three. He got a role and his first episode was called,   For Pete’s Sake! But he wasn’t playing the role of “Buckwheat” — that character was played by female child actress named Carlena (who happened to be Matthew “Stymie” Beard’s sister).  Another...

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“The Little Rascals” — Jackie Cooper

Jackie Cooper was one of the original “Little Rascals” who had a long career in Hollywood, and a long life  (compared to some of the other Rascals.)  You may wonder why I write about the Rascals. True, I love to watch them — these old films provide some good humor. It’s funny, but Jackie Cooper looked the same as an adult as when he was a kid. I guess he could cry on screen too — but that is a sad story. The director told him they were taking his dog to the pound and that the security guard...

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The Little Rascals — Spanky George MacFarland

Spanky First he was “Buddy”, then he was “Spanky”. Although George MacFarland started his child career as a model for Hostess’ Wonder Bread, he was best known as “Spanky” in the Hal Roach 1930’s productions of “The Little Rascals” and “Our Gang”. “Spanky” George MacFarland, was the kid in “The Little Rascals” who used the catch phrase, “okey-dokey”. He also had a little hand move where he would wave with his hand under his chin. He got many of his mannerisms while working with Laurel and Hardy — like his eye rolling, putting his hands on his hips in...

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Darla Hood of The Little Rascals

  Darla Hood was one of the Little Rascals who played the childhood love interest of Alfalfa. A couple of the other boys had their eyes on her as well (Butch and Waldo). She was in the series from 1935 to 1941. The films were originally called “Our Gang,” but later sold to MGM. When Hal Roach syndicated the films for TV, he had to change the name to “The Little Rascals.” Darla and Alfalfa often sang to each other — Alfalfa singing bubbles one time. Born an only child in Oklahoma, her parents got her into singing and dancing at...

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Call me Chubsy Ubsy

When I heard about the 9 year-old boy suspended from school for saying his teacher was cute, I immediately remembered the episode of the Little Rascals, when Chubsy Ubsy asks his teacher, Miss Crabtree for a kiss. “Call me Chubsy Ubsy” he informs Miss Crabtree.   Times have changed. A boy was booted out of the public school for sexual harassment consisting of “inappropriate behavior” and “inappropriate statements.” A substitute teacher overheard the boy tell his friend that he thought his teacher was cute. Seems to me, the sub should be suspended for tattling, eavesdropping, and teaching with a brain cloud. (Fourth Grader Suspended for Calling Teacher ‘Cute’)...

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