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Avoiding shipwrecks

I have three copies of Robinson Crusoe. The author of  the “The Moonstone,” says that whenever he feels down, he brings out his worn torn copy of  “Robinson Crusoe.” You may think this is an odd book to turn to. I’m not saying it replaces my religious texts, but it has a place on my bookshelf. Daniel Defoe published “Robinson Crusoe” in 1719. All of my kids have read it as part of our homeschool, which necessitated that I read it too. The first chapter is “A Warning:” Young 18 year-old Robinson Crusoe admits that his dad had warned him not to run...

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Nibley On The Sacred And The Symbolic

I woke early, reached over to my ipod and turned it on (via my ihome). Nibley was speaking. This is often a ritual for me, in the morning or late at night to relax and get my mind off the things of the world. Sometimes it is in the middle of a restless night. This morning Nibley was speaking — it was his paper called On the Sacred and The Symbolic. It is mainly about the temple. But this part caught my ear and reminded me of the challenges we face. It was the part about our purpose here...

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Walking With Clippers

Everyone knows you’re not supposed to run with scissors. How about a walk with clippers? Hubby brought along his pruning clippers, but I didn’t ask what he had in mind. He grew up on an orchard, so he often prunes as a way to relax, but not usually on a walk. But he has been known to prune a neighbor’s tree on request. We walked along this trail below our house, where there is a stream and a lot of nature — even a dead possum floating in the creek and snakes on the path. The oak trees have...

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Bunco Party Pooper

Bunco–I’m not sure what that is, but since moving up to northern California, I hear a lot about it. My girlfriend from childhood lives here, and she plays bunco. I’ve asked her about it and it seems  to involve sitting at tables, talking, eating candy and winning somehow and something–or not winning. Is this like bingo? I feel like I have walked into a time-warp and I live in Mayberry or some small town where the women folk get together for bridge or bingo night. My friend says “oh you can play, it’s a mindless game–it’s fun.” Well, sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind, so maybe that is a fit–if I find my mind again. I am not much of a party person though. “Every party has a pooper and that’s why we invited you, party pooper, party pooper.” (Father of the Bride) I dunno, maybe I would need to drink a beer or a glass of wine  or smoke a doobie, and then I could enjoy this mindless game of fun and candy eating. (but I’m...

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Mug Handles that stay cool in Microwaves

I was shopping at Target when I overheard a couple talking about dishes. The man was saying he wanted something that wouldn’t get so hot in the microwave. I totally understand. I hate those cups that get so hot you can’t pick them up–even the handle is too hot. I noticed that not all handles get hot. I want mug handles that stay cool in Microwaves. I began to notice which cups got too hot. Those made of stoneware, with the fatter handles get too hot. Like this one here. Too hot: The cups made from porcelain or bone china–stay cool. Heat...

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Are Those High Voltage Wires Bad For You?

Those high voltage power lines, are they good or bad for you?  I mean healthwise. I was looking at a house to buy up north, but then I noticed that it was right next to these high wire power lines, you know, the high voltage ones? So I thought, “that can’t be good. Aren’t those bad for you?  I seem to recall that they cause cancer, childhood leukemia, that sort of thing.” Why the concern?  High voltage lines create electromagnetic fields around them, and this exposes anything nearby to electromagnetic radiation. Radiation, that dreaded word that means too much of it will cause cancer. However, there are some other things that cause an electromagnetic field too–like microwaves and cell phones. Hmmm. I think I remember something about microwaves, when they first came out, about not standing too close to them. Cell phones too, I remember reading a big warning that they could be bad news for you. So is this one of those areas that has conflicting views? Is the research legit? Since homes are still being built by these power lines, the opinion is that they are harmless. But you know, is that true? As I read through the many studies it seems to indicate that there is no correlation between cancers and illnesses and those electromagnetic fields.   (BMJ) Ok, ok, maybe they are fine. Then, this...

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Beat it to Fit, Paint it to Match

My dad, dear old dad,  used to say, “beat it to fit, paint it to match” when talking about any repairs. One day I asked him, “where did you get that saying anyway?” He used to work at Lockheed Aircraft.  So….the mechanics/engineers had this saying– “Beat it to fit, paint it to match. ” Jokingly??? I am not sure, as thereafter my dad had a fear of flying. And I saw this in the news: But anyway, I repaired my 2001 Yukon, employing some of this technique.  I was not able to get a hammer in there to get the big dent out, but I have replaced the tail light housing and light bulb, ordering a replacement from an online store at the cost of $75. At first I didn’t do anything to fix it.  The tail light was broken, the bulb too, and a dent with the remains of white paint on it from a pole.  Not from me mind you, blonde as I may be–this was a contribution from another family member. Every time I came through my gate to my housing tract, the gate keeper would laugh and say he felt like he was back home.  Ahh, comraderie with the people who do not live behind a guard gate. Sometimes it is refreshing. But it was quite noticable. I don’t really like to be driving around,...

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High Heels

I never wear high heels. I grew up in the 70’s and had kids in the 80’s. HIgh heels were not part of the deal, instead we had birkenstocks, earth shoes, the natural look. So, as I prepared for my son’s wedding, I looked at the possibility of a high heel. I was planning on wearing the same skirt as I wore four months earlier at the wedding of my other son, and so I thought it would be fun and sexy to have a pair of black, high heels. By chance I saw some by Guess, half price and trying them on, decided they were ok, not uncomfortable, and bought them right off the bat. I wore them on the night of the reception, for maybe 2 hrs tops. Then I had to give in to comfort, and went with my black rainbows. That was about 10 days ago, and now I see that I have this lump on the bottom of my foot in the arch–in fact I see it on both feet! Well, I worry about it, wonder about it, and make a drs appointment. Today I searched the internet today, it looks like I have plantar fibromatosis. Hmmmm…….not serious, but no cure either. Of course they do not know why or what causes it –but I do. High heels on a menopausal woman that only...

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