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Toughest job you’ll ever love

I think I deserve a gold star. I managed to stay sane while raising kids. It’s the toughest job you’ll ever love. As I watch the next generation, it looks hard. I’m staying with my daughter and two grandkids, ages 3 and 5, both girls. I’m exhausted in a few hours, and must recuperate to tackle the next project. Even my daughter is in awe, “I can’t believe you did this five times!” I think back, yea, how did I do that? We were headed over to my daughter’s home — where she is moving from condo to house. My daughter...

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Ann Romney Never Worked a Day in Her Life?

Raising children is work.  But Democratic Strategist Hilary Rosen  claims that Ann Romney “actually never worked a day in her life.” Talk about putting women down. Right after she claimed that the phrase, “war on women” is not put out there by the Democratic party, she goes to war, firing at Ann Romney. This is not about getting birth control or abortions. This is about not respecting a woman’s work in raising five sons. Isn’t it all about choice?   Hilary has a very narrow view of what makes a woman worthy of her praise. How very shallow and condemning....

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The Seasons of Goals — Setting Your Goals

Life has it seasons, so they say. And it’s goals. A few months back, I got an email from my son serving a mission in Taiwan. Then I got an email from my daughter responding to her brother’s email. Compare. Missionary son in Taiwan: Since I’ve been a missionary I have enjoyed following the instruction of Preach My Gospel and setting what I feel are very important goals: running plan to get under 5:20 mile timing my showers and preparation in the morning (of all the bathroom tasks, shaving is the longest) lifting plan reading the Book of Mormon...

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At Apple Genuis Bar

I made an appointment at the Apple store. I called my 21 -year old son and asked him if he could do me a favor. I was driving, and I was going to be late. I needed him to log onto the computer and reschedule my appointment to later in the day. My laptop was still in warranty and the inside edge was chipping off. I wanted to get it repaired. What a sweetheart, he set it up for 11 am. I trundle down to the Apple Store and check-in–give the associate my last name “Taylor. ” I wait around at the...

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