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5 steps to help your teen with ADD find success

  When your teenager with ADHD or ADD heads off to high school, both of you may feel anxious. School can be difficult for anyone, and most people have no desire to be back in high school. But for your kids with attention deficit disorder, back to school is stressful. Let’s look at the upside of ADHD and ADD: If you have kids with attention deficit disorder, it helps to remember the benefits. The Wall Street Journal reports that these kids are often more creative. They have talents and you can help them discover their talents. Dr. Hallowell, in...

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Why it’s important to give kids a choice

Fifty years ago, psychologists said that you must love your kids, unconditionally. Today, some say you should withhold affection until kids do what you want (New York Times article  When a Parent’s ‘I love you’ means ‘Do as I say’ ) Praise for the good? Punishments for the bad? Withdrawal of your love when they choose incorrectly? Timeouts? The upshot of these studies: None of the methods worked in the way intended. Yes, kids will do what you want when you praise them, or when you withdraw your love during bad choices, but they end up disliking you–the parent. (After all, they aren’t Pavlov’s...

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Leaving your children to go on vacation

  Is it ok to go on a long vacation and leave your little kids  —  let’s say a 19-month old baby, a 3-year old, a 5-year old  — for nine days? Do they understand that mommy and daddy will be back in nine days.  According to Early Childhood Today, they don’t understand the concept of time at this age . If this is just a pleasure trip (no emergency), consider getting away for a day instead. Or at least, take the 19-month old with you (Dr. Sears recommends this). Maybe leave the older kids with trustworthy grandparents, take the baby. The World Health Organization...

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Ann Romney Never Worked a Day in Her Life?

Raising children is work.  But Democratic Strategist Hilary Rosen  claims that Ann Romney “actually never worked a day in her life.” Talk about putting women down. Right after she claimed that the phrase, “war on women” is not put out there by the Democratic party, she goes to war, firing at Ann Romney. This is not about getting birth control or abortions. This is about not respecting a woman’s work in raising five sons. Isn’t it all about choice?   Hilary has a very narrow view of what makes a woman worthy of her praise. How very shallow and condemning....

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