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How to reach God

I’m not sure that folding your arms to pray is the best way to make contact with God. I started thinking about this, and I wondered when and why we as a church fold our arms to pray. I think for me, it goes back to Primary — it was a sign of being ready to pray, a sign of reverence. Maybe it makes sense for small Primary children to fold their arms, so they keep their hands to themselves — but as adults it may be time to move from the milk to the meat. I came to...

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Talking with God

More thoughts on talking with God from my daughter: We must ask There is a Jewish saying from the Talmud I’ve always liked, that helps me picture our connection to the heavens from down here on earth — ” There must be a stirring below before there can be a stirring above. “ In our dealings with the Lord we are expected to move of our own volition, when we ask it separates us from every other living creature, simply because we exercise our agency. Heaven responds to inquiries. This is one of those eternal Principles. Heaven is controlled...

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More light for talking with God

More light and prayer continued from my daughter’s post: “By reason of the Restoration’s wonderful flood of light, our desire to change and improve becomes stronger. So far as our individual spiritual development is concerned, we usually know what we have to give up, what has to go.   Why then do we cling so tenaciously to those things? Such illumination brings the restlessness of incipient righteousness. And we reach a point at which we genuinely say, as did King Lamoni’s father, ‘I am willing to give away all my sins to know God.'” (see Alma 22:18)   (Neal...

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God will force no man to heaven

Your prayers don’t always get answered the way you wanted. Sometimes it’s because what you are praying for interferes with another person’s agency. God will not force people to choose the right. He gives us plenty of opportunities — but to force it would be Lucifer’s plan. I have often struggled with the faith issue, thinking, if I pray with enough faith and if it is God’s will as well as mine, then my prayers will be answered as I had hoped. But even when it is God’s desire — he does not usurp man’s agency. I read, this,...

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What it means to fast

Mormons fast once a month, on the first Sunday of the month. We go without food and drink for 24 hours and donate our money that we would’ve used for meals (and more if we desire) to the Church’s welfare program that will help those in need. We fast and pray for help beyond our physical reach, for ourselves and for people who may be struggling, who may be sick or may make important decisions. Other people of faith fast — the Jews on Tisha B’Av. Many Christians fast. Fasting requires two things: 1. Faith in the unseen, unknown spiritual...

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