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Mormons and Catholics in 1870 comics

In the 1870s political cartoonist Thomas Nast, an implacable foe of both Mormons and Irish Catholics, penned the question in Harper’s Weekly —  “Religious Liberty is Guaranteed–But Can We Allow Foreign Reptiles To Crawl All Over US?”  He branded both religions as “foreign” threats to liberty — The Roman Catholic Church depicted as a crocodile and The Mormon LDS Church as a turtle crawling over the Capitol. [Notice the Turtle looks like the MormonTabernacle and the crocodile like the Vatican.] Uncle Sam was bothered by several minority groups. Mormons were one of them. In 1879, the San Francisco Wasp published a...

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It’s Good and Godly To Have Humor

  I need humor. It happens to be a Godly quality. Consider these Mormon leaders with the Godly Gift of Humor: President Faust used to bless his children and grandchildren with a sense of humor — “I do this,” President Faust said, “with the hope that it will help guard them against being too rigid, that they will have balance in their lives, and that situations and problems and difficulties will not be overdrawn.” In 1996, at the funeral of Rex E. Lee, the 10th President of BYU, James E. Faust shared a short humorous story to break the...

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The infallibility of popes and prophets

You know it’s kind of funny — The Catholic Church teaches that the Pope is infallible, but the Catholics don’t believe it. The LDS Church teaches that the prophet is fallible, but the Mormons don’t believe it. Joseph Smith’s Prophetic Ministry Sometimes Mormons begin to lose their faith when they read things that show the prophet is more human and capable of making mistakes. Joseph Smith made a mistake when he went to Salem to look for treasure under a house. In 1836, six years after its formation, the LDS church was in debt. About this time, a Brother...

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God will force no man to heaven

Your prayers don’t always get answered the way you wanted. Sometimes it’s because what you are praying for interferes with another person’s agency. God will not force people to choose the right. He gives us plenty of opportunities — but to force it would be Lucifer’s plan. I have often struggled with the faith issue, thinking, if I pray with enough faith and if it is God’s will as well as mine, then my prayers will be answered as I had hoped. But even when it is God’s desire — he does not usurp man’s agency. I read, this,...

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Joseph Smith’s name for good and evil

Mobbings, tar and featherings, slander and murders are part of Mormon history. In the United States of America, where freedom of religion and freedom of speech are major tenets, Joseph and his brother Hyrum were assassinated by a mob intent on eradicating the Mormon religion. The more people speak evil of Joseph, the more they fulfill  prophecy. Joseph related a prophecy that came forth in his initial visit with Moroni, the ancient American prophet who was the last of his lineage holding the gold plates containing the history of his people: He called me by name, and said unto me that he was a messenger sent...

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Mormons and caffeine

I never did feel spiritually guilty about drinking a Diet Coke. And now, we get a little clarity on the subject from the official LDS church website “the church does not prohibit the use of caffeine” and that the health-code’s reference to “hot drinks” ”does not go beyond (tea and coffee).”  That was later updated to read as follows:  “The Church revelation spelling out health practices does not mention the use of caffeine.  The Church’s health guidelines prohibit alcoholic drinks, smoking or chewing of tobacco, and “hot drinks” — taught by Church leaders to refer specifically to tea and coffee....

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Women feminists, men masculinists?

  I grew up during the height of women’s lib. I might have even abandoned my bra for a day or two. I understand some of the desires of women; but of course we are all different. And I like that. I don’t want to be stereotyped. I don’t see myself as a feminist, I see myself as an “equalist,” where:   a(b + c) = ab + ac. Different, but equal. I don’t want to be better then a man. I don’t want to be just like a man either. But I want to work together, each of us bringing our talents and natural inclinations to produce good things.   Men and women are different. This is not bad. Men are masculine (I like that.) But men don’t call themselves “masculinists.” That wouldn’t go over. Yet we expect men to be happy with women assuming the label of “feminist.” It’s really kind of a put-off, from my perspective. It’s very divisive and that’s not good when you’re working in a team. We work together to raise a family, make a living and overcome our trials.   I see women getting angry today over everything from birth-control to high-powered jobs. One problem I see today is that women who choose to have more than two kids, stay home, homeschool, work part-time, make crafts, cook and heaven-forbid — sew and...

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Hugh Nibley on church policy

At some point, you may find that you disagree with something at church. It could be a doctrinal issue, or a church policy issue. What’s the best way to handle these things? I was reading a  blog  where women were voicing their discontent, irritation and “how dare they” attitude about a church magazine article in the “Friend” recommending that little girls wear shirts with sleeves or dresses with sleeves. Many felt that by publishing this article (written by some member, and it was a little silly), that the church was on a dangerous course and not sticking to the meat of...

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Polygamy past I have in common with Romney and Obama

I’m one of those Mormons with an ancestry of polygamy, dating back to Brigham Young’s time in the 1850s. I come through the first wife of my great great grandpa Higgs. He had four wives. Does this bother me a bit? No, it doesn’t bither me a bot. (my favorite quote from Clark Gable in Teacher’s Pet. Really. Some things are inexplicable in the history of religion — look at the Old Testament or the Torah. They talk of many wives and burning bushes and circumcision as a covenant, and sacrifice of animals. And that strange incident with Judah and...

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Who is Jesus Christ?

God and Jesus I’ve been a bit bothered by the statement, from Jackson Mississsippi Pastor, Scott Thomas that “Mitt Romney doesn’t believe Jesus is God.” I’ve been thinking about what he meant. Well, yea, Mormons do not believe that Jesus is the God — the Father of us all. We pray to God the Father, and we close in the name of his son, Jesus Christ. They are two different people with Godly power. Jesus taught his disciples to pray to the Father, “Our Father which art in Heaven….” (Luke 11:2) Jesus prays to God. How can Jesus be God? He is part of the Godhead, and stands next in authority to God the Father. He is Jehovah of the Old Testament. But I don’t get that exclamation from the pastor that we should be thrown to the wolves because we don’t believe Jesus is God. We differ in our understanding  of the nature of God, but there’s no reason to get all huffy about it. It’s words like these from Christians that make me want to be excluded from their group and just be called “Mormon.” I am a Mormon and not an Evangelical Christian. I believe much like the first century Christians. Call me Mormon if you like. But what did that pastor mean — does he pray to Jesus, and call him God? Who does Jesus...

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about this eve

contact: deila@eveoutofthegarden.com I was born on Valentine’s Day. ​ So I have always loved red and pink hearts,  cupids,  heart shaped sugar cookies with pink frosting,  silly, cheap valentines that come in boxes, making valentines with ribbons and lace, flowers, and of course– expensive chocolates.   It is also special because back in 1976 I received a box of sees candy (hand picked, all my fav dark choc) and two yellow tulips left at my doorstep, with a little hand scribbled note, “happy valentine’s day, gene taylor”, a guy I had met earlier that week in the quad at...

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My “inactive” Mormon Dad

My father was an “inactive” Mormon. This means that he was baptized a Mormon, but stopped going to church sometime during his life… Sometime after he married my mom in the Mesa, Arizona Temple. I remember him going to church with our family when I was young. When I was a child, I remember sitting by him in a sacrament meeting, passing the little sacrament cups down the row for the deacons to collect. We used to take the little paper cup of water, pass the tray, and then pass our used cup to the person next to you,...

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