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When does the day begin?

I know, that sounds like a dumb question — when does the day begin? — does it begin at midnight, 12:00 a.m. or does it begin when you wake up? Or at sunrise — or sunset? Today, when we speak of the “day” of the week, we are referring to a 24 hour day — starting at 12 am midnight and ending 24 hrs later at 11:59 pm. I still wear a watch. And I carry my iphone. I acknowledge I am very time dependent. When my daughter was a little girl she used to repeat jokes she heard....

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Why did God create evil people?

Someone called a talk radio show and asked, “Why would a God create evil people, killers, etc — why? It makes no sense at all.” I thought about that question and how I would answer it. From the perspective of the caller, I understand what he was thinking — You go to the best designer, and you know that you will get quality work. So, why would God, the perfect designer/creator do inferior work? First of all, I don’t believe that God created us  from scratch. I always told my kids that creation was like making cookies — God...

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God and Science work together to create this earth

If you find a surfboard on the beach, you assume that a surfer has passed this way, not that the sands of the sea produced it over a millennial of time.  I have no problem believing in some forms of evolution, but I believe that God works within the laws of science. Mormonism does not abandon all current scientific research. Animals evolve in many ways; people are taller than previous generations; genes mutate. But it would be quite an exercise of faith to believe that out of chaos a surfboard appears. No matter how long the wave crash on the sands, no matter how...

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Popping Pods

We Sold!  Or at least we are in escrow. Do trees celebrate? Because just after we signed our docs, my Chinese Wisteria started sending out fireworks by popping its pods. It was amazing. I walked out on our front lawn and could hear all this popping sound going on, and seeds flying from the tree/vine onto the ground. And some distance too. In all these years, I’ve never seen the “explosive dispersal” of propagation that occurs in the Fall after seed pods have become brown. In the early Spring, there are magnificent violet flowers that hang over the rooftop,...

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