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Hugh Nibley Humor — “And Bring the Brush”

Here’s Hugh Nibley, classic humor, reminiscing about his days in the military on the Eve of Thanksgiving: My first assignment — it was so typically Army you must hear about it: It was the eve of Thanksgiving, and I was scrubbing toilets out with a big brush, with a big scrubbing brush. I was busy scrubbing these latrines out and so forth, and an officer came to me and said,   “come with me and bring the brush.”   So I said,   “come with me and bring the brush.”   It was a huge pile of celery, they...

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Evil spirits and the priesthood

We don’t really talk about evil spirits. Even though the apostles included their experiences during the time of Christ. Early church members recorded instances as well.  I’ve always been careful to advise my kids not to engage in watching movies that embellish that dark side. It’s real, and it’s not good to fool around with it. But it came up again, when my youngest son was interviewed to receive the Melchizedek priesthood. Our stake president recommended that he give someone a blessing shortly after being ordained. My mind flew back to the time I encouraged my eldest son to do the same....

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Crazy vintage valentines

Valentines Day can be stressful. I was looking through vintage valentines and discovered that Valentines have mixed messages. This could be the root of the problem — and it goes back many generations. Take a look at some of these messed-up missives from days gone by: Vintage valentine #1: I like you so much I won’t sneeze on you? Vintage valentine #2: I’m a perfect egg?   More vintage valentine: Who likes to be called Toots? Hmmm… no foursome–  Sorry I broke your heart, now let me mend it? I love kickin’ your heart around? You’re my Cheesy Valentine?...

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Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

I’ve often heard this question, but never thought about it seriously — come on, God is serious. But then I must admit that God is a Being of passions. He weeps, expresses joy, mercy, love and hate. I guess He could have a sense of humor. At first, it may seem an un-Godly characteristic, yet a sense of humor can de-fuse an otherwise tense situation. We appreciate someone who has a sense of humor. It’s a good characteristic. I believe God is my Father, I am his offspring — maybe humor is more than just a mortal emotion. Maybe God does have a sense of humor. When stupid silly things happen it is good to have a sense of humor. When the large family-sized container of chicken noodle soup you just bought at Costco tips over in the back of your car, the lid popping off, and all the chicken, noodles, onions and carrots spilling out onto the carpet–it is good to have a sense of humor, remain calm, laugh, and say “I can’t believe that happened.” Especially with little kids and little ears in the car. This happened to my daughter. Her remedy for the situation–calling out the dogs. Good creative mom-thinking, I say.Good humor too. A year ago we sold our home in southern cal and moved to northern California. My husband’s work was in the Sacramento area,...

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