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When your spouse forgets — forget it

There’s an old “I Love Lucy” episode where Lucy hopes Ricky remembers their anniversary. It’s so aggravating. Why doesn’t she just remind Ricky, “its our anniversary on Tuesday.” Instead she keeps dropping all these hints about their special day, serving him rice for breakfast, circling the date on the calendar and asking Ricky “why is that day circled?” Eventually she bemoans to Ethel that she’s sure Ricky has forgotten their anniversary. It’s never too late to take the first step and it’s too self-consuming to sit around hoping your spouse remembers your special day. I don’t care what it is,...

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Men are the true romantics

My husband  claims that men are the true romantics. I don’t argue differently. When I listen to the lyrics of sappy-love songs from the 70s, I’ll have to agree. But, I don’t think one sex is weaker than the other. Men and women see things differently, which is evident in the Garden of Eden. I don’t know about Eve getting tricked and all, but she stepped up to the plate and made the difficult decision to enter mortality. Adam seemed quite content to hang around the garden. I’m not sure there’s any other way to gain this knowledge but...

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Dressing Like Barbie

Some women just don’t get it. In 2002,  I was listening to Dennis Prager on the radio talk about young women who dress provocatively — too much like Britney Spears (the hot babe at the time.) Some of the women, old enough to understand, just did not get it. They said it was fine for women of any age to dress however they wanted, and that men should have the decency to never look. I thought about my own teenage years and decided to write Dennis an email about my experiences. I was surprised to get a response back...

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Men and women think differently

Men compartmentalize their thinking. I heard this first, from a psychologist who spoke with us in Relief Society about pornography and sex addiction. See how progressive we are? Oh wait, we should have had a woman discuss this with us. But, really, I would rather have a man explain men’s thinking. (I love Dennis Prager’s take on the visual male.) Over the years, in various wards, we have had several lessons or presentations or talks about the dangers of porn. Some better than others. This one was excellent. (One year, another ward, they had the men and women meet...

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What do women want on Valentine’s Day?

I’m curious about the answer to that question. And I’m a woman. I think men are stressed about Valentine’s Day. I see them in Sees candy, picking up pre-packed boxes of chocolates. I see them at the grocery store, hunting around for flowers or the valentine-special the store manager has strategically placed in the front of the store. I haven’t been to Victoria’s Secret on Valentine’s Day, but that would be interesting. I could watch the men. It’s a good excuse for them to wander around a sexually stimulating atmosphere. “I’m buying a gift for my wife.” For some reason, I don’t think they really belong in there. It’s like the gynecologists office, I don’t want to see men there either. Men always say they can’t figure out women and they joke about it all the time. My husband tries to understand me, but sometimes he misses the mark — says something and blows it. By now, we just laugh, cuz I know he’s trying his best. Women are intriguing  I get it. I’m not even sure what I want for Valentine’s Day. And since it’s my birthday, it’s a double whammy. You know my theory about birthdays — plan it yourself, get the cake you want, and don’t sit around and pout if your special someone forgets it. But my most favorite birthday/Valentine’s cake in the whole world is no...

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