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Away With Stereotype Mormons

Not too long ago, I thought there was a stereotype Mormon woman. Funny too, because Brigham Young (prophet from 1844 to 1877) was totally against stereotype Mormons. I know, we have commandments to follow that set us apart, but we also have this idea of personal revelation — that it’s our job to receive inspiration and follow it. We believe in following the guidance we receive from the prophet, the scriptures and individually from the Lord. They shouldn’t conflict, true. But this still allows for individual paths. And, individual trials. President Monson has advised us to be more inclusive,...

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Why share Mormon women stories

I tend to be an introvert unless I’m in a small setting of people, then I enjoy sharing conversation. But I often hesitate to take that step. A friend once pointed out, “You have a low-social need.” I’m not the woman who shows up at every ward function, or Relief Society event. Yet, I enjoy and need friendships with other women. I’m also one of those women who stray from the manual when teaching Relief Society, Gospel Doctrine or the youth in Sunday School (now the new program encourages you to think and plan a lesson.) I have always...

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What’s it Like to be a Mormon Woman

Many believe that Mormon women are slighted. From my perspective, I have plenty of power and authority and responsibility. For me, as a Mormon woman, I am equal to my husband in the eyes of God. I am captain of my ship. I can choose a career, I can choose my path, the same as a man. I am called upon to pray in church meetings, teach lessons, give sermons (called talks in LDS lingo), hold positions of authority (called callings in LDS) and  receive all the blessings of the temple. Maybe for some this is not enough. Some do not...

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The Mormon Women Project — Shu-Chih

Please visit The Mormon Women Project today as I interview Shu-Chih. She grew up in Taiwan and came to California and Utah as a teenager by herself, found Mormonism, is raising a family as a single mom and runs her own art school for kids. As I interviewed her I was uplifted by her testimony that God prepares a way for us even before we need the help. She was there for me at a time when I needed to make some money and she claims I was there for her at that same time. God does place people in our path. Read it and leave a comment. 🙂 She shared with me some of the funny things that happened to her as she transitioned to being American. I won’t spoil it...

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