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What’s it Like to be a Mormon Woman

Many believe that Mormon women are slighted. From my perspective, I have plenty of power and authority and responsibility. For me, as a Mormon woman, I am equal to my husband in the eyes of God. I am captain of my ship. I can choose a career, I can choose my path, the same as a man. I am called upon to pray in church meetings, teach lessons, give sermons (called talks in LDS lingo), hold positions of authority (called callings in LDS) and  receive all the blessings of the temple. Maybe for some this is not enough. Some do not...

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Other Ways to Endure

I sat through the Relief Society lesson on Sunday. It was the third hour. I often feel like the children in Primary, and wanted to ask,   “Can we go home yet?   Is it over?   How much longer?”  It was the third Sunday, and a lesson from the manual, Gospel Principles. The lesson was on the Word of Wisdom. This is the manual that is used for new members and our regular course of study this year. It is the lesson that I used to teach (before I got fired). I figured they wanted someone else teaching, someone who was very strict to stick only to the manual. Yes, she read word for word, straight from the manual (bless her heart). The entire lesson. For 45 minutes. (bless her heart) I have never been in a class where the teacher just read from the manual. She asked the questions posed in the manual, some of which are worth pondering. The class dutifully answered the questions, not too hard for Mormons that have been members for at least a year. I pulled out my iphone,pulled up the scriptures app and read the manual for myself, in 5 minutes.  Then I tried to endure. Is this what they mean, endure to the end? I was wishing I was a new mom and could have picked up my baby and left the...

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Mormons and Visiting Teaching

  Mormon women do this thing called “visiting teaching”, which involves visiting other women on a monthly basis. It’s all part of the women’s organization called the Relief Society. We’re supposed to help each other and hopefully no woman slips through the cracks. It’s really about becoming friends. Visits can include email, in-person visits, phone calls and letters. There is a place to mark each one of these on the official records. You don’t have to give the “message of the month” every time. In fact the church handbook says, “when appropriate” share a gospel message. You get to go by your intuition/inspiration. I think we all know what we are supposed to be doing as a visiting teacher. (If you’re a Mormon.) But it is easy to fall into the spirit of not wanting to do it or doing it quickly to report “done.” If you have not seen this video, it is a must see, humorous look at visiting teaching.   We are the contact for the sisters we visit when they need help. If they are in need of more than what we can offer–if they need food from the bishop’s storehouse, then we can let the R.S. Pres. know. Some sisters may be embarrassed to let you know they need help. And others may ask for more than you can deliver. And all this should be kept confidential–which...

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How Do I Like My New Calling?

    Ok, so I am liking my new calling as visiting teacher coordinator. I know, I complained about the quick release I got from teaching, but I’m over that. This suits me. I get to see something new. When I first got the calling, my son was still home from his mission, waiting to go up to BYU. I came home from meeting with the Relief Society President and I gave him my lists of sisters and visiting teachers and asked his advice about how best to organize this. You know, those missionaries, when they first come home go stir crazy unless they are working 6 am to 10 pm. He was so excited to have the work, after all he had been up since 6 doing push-ups, running, studying the scriptures. He set it all up in excel — names, months of the year, sisters called, visited, or emailed, sisters not visited — All looking so professional, tabs for pages, list of directory, emails for sisters, supervisors.  I looked it over, amazed, “how did you learn all this?” (he is one of my home schooled boys) —“Working in the mission office.” I have uploaded the excel sheets for each supervisor to Google Docs, so they can mark their report there or email it to me. I have one sister who is not internet savvy so she mails her...

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