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Darla Hood of The Little Rascals


Darla Hood was one of the Little Rascals who played the childhood love interest of Alfalfa. A couple of the other boys had their eyes on her as well (Butch and Waldo). She was in the series from 1935 to 1941. The films were originally called “Our Gang,” but later sold to MGM. When Hal Roach syndicated the films for TV, he had to change the name to “The Little Rascals.” Darla and Alfalfa often sang to each other — Alfalfa singing bubbles one time.
Born an only child in Oklahoma, her parents got her into singing and dancing at a young age. Her mom took her to the Hal Roach Studios in California for an audition when she was only three years old. Her first film part in the Rascals was in 1936, at age 4.
Darla went to high school at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles, California, and organized a vocal group. She continued to sing in nightclubs and TV commercials up until her untimely death in 1979. She was organizing a Little Rascals Reunion for 1980, but never got to attend. After a minor surgery at a North Hollywood hospital, Darla Hood died suddenly from complications, at the age of 47.  








  • I just loved the Little Rascals. Accidentally, my new blog is becoming kind of Our Gangish. I had stolen the name Stinky from a blogger named Jo who had a big plant and that’s what she named it and that name reminded me of the little rascal names. Stinky wasn’t one of them, but Stymie was taken and that was my first choice. Darla was just my favorite. Well, all of them were.

  • I always liked Darla; what boy didn’t. I like her even more now, finding that she grew up to be a fine looking woman. I have to laugh at her handwriting, though, because it looks just like mine. She must have spent much more time singing with the boys than working on penmanship. We still love you Darla.

  • Ria

    We love The Little Rascals at our house. My favorite is when Darla sang, “Baby Face.” I taught it to my son when he was four and recorded it. So cute!

  • Thank you SO much for posting a tribute and the WONDERFUL photos. Darla is the best.

  • Myrna

    Darla was one of the central figures of The Little Rascals/Our Gang series. She had talent and looks, and brought sunshine to the screen. It was a simpler time – no regulations, no seat belts, no restrictions; just kids having a ball. The times were innocent and Darla was wholesome and endearing. Another tragic end to another Rascal, but she left behind a legacy. Rest in peace, and thank you, Darla.

    • I so agree, I think that’s why I am drawn to these older, lighter films, kids having fun being kids — and selling lemonade if they wanted to! Darla had talent, they were a good mix of talent in that group.

  • Anonymous

    Darla Hood is the best known actress for the Our Gang. As a singer, most people were not enthused about it. Her songs are not your ordinary songs. It is very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very hard to find on either records or CDs.

  • Anonymous

    Darla Jean Hood was the distant cousin of General John Bell Hood!

  • Lj

    The films were titled Our Gang. Roach sold the kids contracts and the name our gang to MGM. When he syndicated his old films to TV he could use the title Our Gang so they were named the Little Rascals. This is in the late 50s.

  • Lj

    Forgive my typos. He couldn’t use the name our gang it should read.

  • thanks for the information, I have updated the post with your information.

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  • texrollie

    A serious talent if one was ever born. Such an untimely death and loss

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