It’s the next generation of homeschooling, and my granddaughter is going to partake. Or maybe I should say, her mom is going to partake. Her little girl has been in kindergarten this year. Not all bad, not all great.

I have sat with my granddaughter to help her get her homework done. I watched her hurry through the very boring photo-copied worksheets. Her handwriting got larger and sloppier as she filled in the correct answers. She quickly scribbled over the boring little pictures she was supposed to color.

report card crumpledAt school, in front of the class, her teacher told her that if she didn’t learn to raise her hand, she would have to repeat kindergarten. There were some good things too. It’s a charter school. They wear uniforms and have a good mission statement. But a statement does not always translate into success for a child.

My granddaughter brought her report card home, and when she found out she got a “B’ in handwriting, she was dismayed. Her mom found the crumpled report card in the trash.

These were some of the things that sparked the homeschooling option.

I am gathering my curriculum for first grade, because I have already been down this road. Here are some of my favorites and some new options:

Homeschool First Grade Curriculum


Story of the World, vol. 1

Story of the World, activity book, vol.  1 


Additional Reading to do with your child:

(links to my affiliate account with Amazon:)

The Trojan Horse

Children’s Illustrated Bible

The Odyssey  for kids

Greek Myths for kids

Classic Myths to read aloud to kids

Egyptian Myths

Black Ships before Troy  for kids

Chinese Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales of India

The Kings Drum and Other Stories

The Five Chinese Brothers


Phonics Pathways: Clear Steps to Easy Reading and Perfect Spelling [Paperback] (for beginner readers — starts with phonics) (links to my affiliate account with Amazon)

Reading Pathways: Simple Exercises to Improve Reading Fluency [Paperback] (if your first grader is already reading) (links to my affiliate account with Amazon)

Explode the Code Online

Writing, Grammar, Spelling:

The Complete Writer: Level 1 Workbook for Writing with Ease (The Complete Writer) (links to my affiliate account with Amazon)

First Language Lessons Level 1-Paperback (links to my affiliate account with Amazon)

Sequential Spelling — start at Level 1


I recommend any of these, because each child responds differently to lessons in Math.

Saxon Math K

Math In Focus (Singapore Approach)

enVision Math

Supplementary and Fun:   Life of Fred Mathematics books — Start with Apples


The Magic School Bus videos [you can stream these on Amazon Prime] (links to my affiliate account with Amazon)

[Try Netflix as well]

Discovery Kids free videos

Elemental Science

Other Activities:

Choose whatever your child would enjoy.

Music lessons — piano, violin

Horseback riding lessons

4-H Club — raising livestock, rabbits, goats, etc.

Art lessons

Weekly Plan

Monday – Friday: Math, Reading, Writing/Grammar

Tues and Thursday: History

Wed and Friday: Science

Field Trips: As often as you can

**Remember when you homeschool, you will complete your studies in a much shorter time period than public school. Don’t feel like you are not covering as much, more likely you will be covering more.