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The parroting stage

When I first started to homeshool, I searched everywhere for information on how to do it. My sister tipped me off to a book about a classical education called The Well Trained Mind (link to my affiliate account with Amazon). (links to my affiliate account with Amazon) The author explains how children learn in stages, called the trivium: 1.  The Parrot Years — The Grammar Stage: Kindergarten through fourth grade 2.  The Argumentative Child — The Logic Stage: Fifth grade through eighth grade 3.  Speaking Your Mind — The Rhetoric Stage: Ninth grade through twelfth grade In the parrot years,...

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The skill of self confidence in five steps

I try to instill self-confidence in my kids — without being a dragon mother. And you can’t be a phoney baloney when you praise your kids — they recognize it. While watching my children grow up, I tried to perceive their natural abilities and encourage them to develop those. I would say to them, “just give it a try, if you don’t like it, you can quit.” And that worked — giving them an option. But still, you want them to have success. And I understand how hard that can be when you are dealing with lots of different...

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How to homeschool in California

If you homeschool in California, you will need to file your required paperwork in October. The statutory filing period is October 1 – October 15. Every year I have to file an affidavit to homeschool in California, which is called The Private School Affidavit. There is no such thing as filing as a homeschool in this state. Instead you must file as a private school. This is very easy to do, in fact I just filed mine online, answering some questions about how many students I have and then signing electronically. Filing with the California Department of Education is required yearly....

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Learning to learn

No one should be bored when sitting in a class. Especially if you want to learn. I’ve been studying about learning theories, a topic I used to hate. But I’m required to do this for my masters degree, and I must subscribe to a theory when designing courses. And now I’m beginning to see the justification for understanding how people learn. Passive Learning is old school. Most people are tired of the passive learning method where you sit in a class and listen to the professor or teacher pontificate. That’s passive. They dispense, and you absorb.  Sometimes passive learning works...

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“Though matter is replaced through an endless cycle of creations and dissolution, only spirit retains conscious identity, so that strictly speaking “only progeny is immortal,” each “mounting up from world to world” acquiring ever more “treasure” while “progressing towards His perfection which awaits them all.” (Nibley, Treasures in the Heavens)