Third grade

History: Late Renaissance/Early Modern 1600-1850

I continue with World History, using volume 3 of the Susan Wise Bauer books. These are great for busy moms and parents who didn’t get a chance to love history when they were in school. The curriculum involves reading a chapter with your child, activity worksheets, and a timeline. Plus, you will want to read some of the biographies listed under “Reading”.

Time period: Late Renaissance/Early Modern 1600-1850

Story of the World, vol.3 (links to my affiliate account with Amazon)

Story of the World activity book, vol.3 (links to my affiliate account with Amazon)

Activity book sample

Timeline: I make a timeline using a roll of white paper that can be taped to the wall. This can be a fun activity. Have your kids draw pictures on the timeline.


You will want to have two types of reading for your child:  One is when they read by themselves (which can be anything that they want) Second is when you read to them (which will be books and authors and famous people that fall into this time period.

Books for your child to read: Choose books that interest your child and is at their reading level. This is important for quiet time, when you want them to read alone for approximately 30 mins. everyday. (this can be anything, not necessarily the lists below)

Books to read to your child: Choose child versions of books that fit into the timeframe of the history you are reading. Look at biographies written for children.

Biographies that fit into the history time period include the following:

(links to my affiliate account with Amazon:)

You can check the library for these books, or Amazon. I have most of them listed in Amazon here.

Other books and authors that fall into the Late Renaissance/Early Modern, 1600-1850 (look for child versions):

(links to my affiliate account with Amazon)


Writing and Grammar and Spelling

The Complete Writer: Level Three Workbook for Writing with Ease (The Complete Writer) (links to my affiliate account with Amazon)— you do not need to buy the student pages because they are part of the book (at the end of the book).

Easy Grammar Grade 3 Teacher Edition(links to my affiliate account with Amazon)– You only need to buy the teacher book because the worksheets are part of the book. Then next child that needs third grade, you can buy just the student workbook. This link will take you to Amazon. I recommended buying it and not renting it. That way your child can write in the book (unless you don’t mind photo-copying each worksheet.)

Sequential Spelling – This program works well with kids who have trouble spelling, or have dyslexia. It’s a good way to remember and understand how words are spelled by grouping them into common rules. It’s the only program that worked with my youngest dyslexic son.  This is Level 3 If you have not started at level 1, then you may want to start there first.


Choose one main text:

Saxon Math 3

Math In Focus (Singapore Approach)

enVision Math

Supplementary and Fun: Life of Fred Mathematics books –


Elemental Science
The Magic School Bus videos [you can stream these on Amazon Prime][Try Netflix as well]

Discovery Kids free videos

Other Activities

Choose whatever your child would enjoy.

Music lessons — piano, violin

Horseback riding lessons

4-H Club — raising livestock, rabbits, goats, etc.

Art lessons

Weekly Plan

Monday – Friday: Math, Reading, Writing/Grammar/Spelling

Tues and Thursday: History

Wed and Friday: Science

Field Trips: As often as you can

**Remember when you homeschool, you will complete your studies in a much shorter time period than public school. Don’t feel like you are not covering as much, more likely you will be covering more.


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