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Why I homeschool

One late August day, I was in a store and saw a lot of moms walking around holding lists of school supplies to purchase for their kids going back to school. I confess, I was relieved I had no list. This isn’t because all my kids were raised and had moved on, but because I homeschooled. I began 15 years ago when I decided to try something different with our third child for his — or should I say “our” middle school experience. The neighborhood Middle School was the holding tank for my two older kids — even the Principal called it...

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Get an e-reader if you have dyslexia

Good news for anyone with dyslexia:  Read faster and comprehend more of what you’re reading by using an E-Reader. Research at the Simthsonian shows  that if you set your e-reading device to display a few words per line,  you’ll increase your speed of reading and you’ll understand more when compared to reading conventional books. The e-reader set-up works for some dyslexics because: They often have visual attention deficit — meaning they can’t concentrate on letters within words or words within lines of text. They can’t concentrate on letters within words or words within lines of text. The researcher also tracked eyeball...

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History by the Football Coach

When I was in middle school and high school, the boys PE teacher, the football coach, taught history. Every history teacher I had would rather have been out on the field smackin’ some kid on the behind, “way to go” or “get after them.”  My husband’s salty old coach said, “it’s testicle cutting time.” Great. They seemed to carry that spirit into the history classroom. It was obvious they hated to teach history. I hated to go to history. Basically, I hated history. Mr. Bart, my eighth grade history teacher, must have arrived an hour early to class. When we...

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Changing Education Paradigms

I like to say that I’m an education rebel. It’s not just about homeschool either, though I chose to homeschool three of my five kids. I tried public school, and I saw some good things and not so good things. My two eldest children went through the state school system. But when my third child was about to enter middle school, I made a change. And I’ve never looked back.   Since I was a stay-at-home mom, I had the option to pull my kids out of traditional school. I realize that not everyone can do that. It has...

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Done with homework

Homework in grade school may not be that beneficial. Somehow, the minutes of homework for each grade level seem to be leveling up higher and higher. One has to wonder, “what do they do at school all day?” Even for math and science, students could do this work at school. I’ve volunteered at school, I see what they do. I also see the pages of homework assigned for the sake of homework. I’m not sure when homework became required for all ages. When I went to school we didn’t have “homework” until 7th grade. We had to write a...

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The upside of dyslexia

“Dyslexia” — the word itself is difficult to read. But for all the bad things you hear about dyslexia, there are some good things. It’s categorized as a “learning disorder” but there’s an upside of dyslexia too. I have a son with dyslexia. I also have a husband with dyslexia. Researchers have discovered a “gifted side” for those with dyslexia. My husband has always claimed that he can see the big picture in difficult engineering tasks. This was never acknowledged in school. He suffered with reading as a child, especially since no one recognized it as dyslexia. He says he...

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No more homework

Kids don’t need homework every night. Today they go to school and take their school work home.  Are we preparing them to be the employees that can’t leave their work at work? Teachers will tell you that homework reinforces learning and encourages good study habits. But a lot of that homework is busy work, and kids and parents catch on. You begin to wonder what goes on during those six hours at school — aren’t they learning these things there? My third child had the homework figured out. In first grade, he had math worksheets where he had to do...

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The Upside of ADD

It’s the dreaded word–ADD–Attention Deficit Disorder. But there’s an upside to ADD as published by the Wall Street Journal.   Finally, something good. You see it is good to be a daydreamer.  There is a link between daydreaming and creativity. There is something good about not paying attention. People come up with new ideas. In fact, studies have found that employees that have some down-time, “leisure internet surfing,” are more productive. It’s good to focus and then it’s good to let your brain daydream and become creative. You know how kids and adults with ADD have a hard time focusing when there are...

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10 reasons to homeschool

I pulled my kids out of school 14 years ago and decided to homeschool. Almost immediately a calm feeling came over me — the realization and confirmation — that I had made the right decision. It was not an easy one, because I had to be a bit of a rebel to do it. The school system, the neighbors, the people you know begin to see you differently. They think you are a little crazy. But I’m comfortable with that. I followed my instincts and promptings — you are free to do the same. For me and my situation...

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