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Nature Book ideas for Homeschool

When it comes to homeschool, one of the more creative and interesting ways to learn about earth science and biology is by collecting specimens in nature and then drawing pictures of them in a journal. This way, you can identify them and eventually produce a book of nature finds by the end of the school year. I recommend that you (the mom/dad teacher) make one as well as your kids. Sometimes your kids may not be able to draw that well and they may be trying to compare their work to yours — that happened to my daughter and...

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History for Homeschool

One of my favorite subjects for homeschool is history. I think I got a better education for world history when I decided to teach my kids at home. I setup our history curriculum for grades 1-12, using specific textbooks, timelines, videos, and activities. We used this with great success, meaning my kids learned and loved history. In fact, I finally love history after all those football coaches teaching history in my high school. History for homeschool, Grades 1 – 12 I followed the advice from Susan Wise Bauer. We studied world history over a period of 4 years, and then...

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Homeschooling Grades 7 – 8 Curriculum

Seventh and eighth grade are kind of the bummer years in my opinion — if you go to public school those years can be really hard. Socially and emotionally speaking, kids are a mess, going through puberty and staging to be accepted by their peers and the opposite sex. I’ve shared my 1960s experiences of having to shower after gym class and line up with all the other girls.   When my first child was in middle school, back in 1984 — I pulled her out, after there was a rumble at the park — two boys from two...

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Homeschool Sixth Grade Curriculum

History Time period: Medieval/Early Renaissance, 400 – 1600 Story of the World, vol. 2 (links to my affiliate account with Amazon) Sample page Story of the World activity book, vol. 2 (links to my affiliate account with Amazon) Activity book 2 sample Test Booklet, vol. 2 (links to my affiliate account with Amazon) Sample page Timeline: I make a timeline using a roll of white paper that can be taped to the wall. Divide the long strip of paper evenly with the dates clearly at the top. Memorization: Plan to have your kids memorize some important dates. This helps them (and you)...

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Homeschool Fifth Grade Curriculum

History In fifth grade, you start all over with ancient history. Even though you are covering the same time period as first grade, there’s always more to do and learn. If you did not use The Story of the World volume 1 in first grade, then get it now for the fifth grade. If you did use it, you can use it again. This time, your child can read it, instead of you reading it aloud. You will want to add other books to compliment your studies. Also, in first grade I do not use the test booklet —...

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Homeschool Fourth Grade Curriculum

Let’s take a look at a fourth grade curriculum for homeschool.  You will be the best judge of what works for your children. I still like The Story of the World for history, but I changed math programs a number of times. I started with Saxon Math, but my kids never loved it and getting them to do their math was a chore. If this happens to you, try another math book. I have listed two new ones here.  I used The Well-Trained Mind as a basis for planning my school days. History I continue with World History, using...

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Homeschool Third Grade Curriculum

Third grade History: Late Renaissance/Early Modern 1600-1850 I continue with World History, using volume 3 of the Susan Wise Bauer books. These are great for busy moms and parents who didn’t get a chance to love history when they were in school. The curriculum involves reading a chapter with your child, activity worksheets, and a timeline. Plus, you will want to read some of the biographies listed under “Reading”. Time period: Late Renaissance/Early Modern 1600-1850 Story of the World, vol.3 (links to my affiliate account with Amazon) Story of the World activity book, vol.3 (links to my affiliate account with Amazon)...

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Homeschool Second Grade Curriculum

I don’t think I learned anything when I was in second grade. My teacher’s name was Miss Terramina —  Terr-a-MEAN- a. And she was mean and terrible. She got fired. I think. That was back in 1962. She stood on her desk in the classroom and blew her whistle. She made us line up after recess behind the building and she would delay coming out to get us. Finally, after all the other kids had long been back in class, she would come get us. Let’s take a look at a second grade curriculum for homeschool. You should be...

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Homeschool First Grade Curriculum

It’s the next generation of homeschooling, and my granddaughter is going to partake. Or maybe I should say, her mom is going to partake. Her little girl has been in kindergarten this year. Not all bad, not all great. I have sat with my granddaughter to help her get her homework done. I watched her hurry through the very boring photo-copied worksheets. Her handwriting got larger and sloppier as she filled in the correct answers. She quickly scribbled over the boring little pictures she was supposed to color. At school, in front of the class, her teacher told her...

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Homeschooling Grades 9-12 Curriculum

(some links go to my affiliate account with Amazon) Grade 9 First Semester Curriculum Grade 9 Second Semester Update Grade 10 First and Second Semester Grade 11 First and Second Semester Reviews:Biology: K12 Biology K12 — More Biology The Hot Zone (Book) Chemistry: Plato Online Chemistry Math: Saxon Algebra Teaching Textbooks Math Khan Academy (Math) (Free)   Electives: K12 Flash Animation History: The World at War DVD Set World War II Videos: The World at War  The Biography Website The History Channel English Literature: Sparknotes Video of Classic Novels Wired For Reading (Free Audio Books)  Audio Books (Free) Grammar,...

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Homeschooling K-4 Curriculum

History:  Story of The World (links to my affiliate account with Amazon) Four books, workbooks, tests, audio CDs. This course starts in grade 1 and continues through grade 4, covering the history of the world in four consecutive years. This is the Susan Wise Bauer Series.   There is one book for each year.  My Review:  Story of The World  Phonics:  Explode The Code My Review of Explode The Code Phonics Pathways     Good for Dyslexia Earobics Good for Dyslexia   Language Arts: Grammar, Reading, Writing First Language Lessons     Books for each grade level The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading Writing With Ease     Books...

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5 Books for homeschooling teens

I’ve noticed that my kids read more than their friends. Maybe it’s because our reading list is far-reaching and is not chosen to meet the school district goals. Homeschool has benefits. You get to pick the books. Here’s five of our favorites, not in any order, and not, by any means the end of the list. 1.  “Right Turns” by Michael Medved — This is biographical, humorous, insightful and one of my favorites. Michael went to college with John Kerry, Hilary and Bill Clinton and George Bush. Medved is brilliant and headed off to Yale at age 16. His story portrays his belief in God, miracles, and the journey from a liberal point of view to a conservative. It’s unique and funny. One of my son’s favorite parts was when Michael was being interviewed at his home for Harvard University —  his father walked in wearing his tidy-whities and T-shirt, and introduced himself, “hello, I’m Professor David Medved.” He wasn’t sure if that had anything to do with him not being accepted to Harvard, but it made a lasting impression. I bought several copies of this book, to give away and read. I waited in line to get one of them signed. 2.  “The Importance of Being Ernest” by Oscar Wilde — A classic play and comedy. Read the book, see the movie and see the play. I’m always amazed...

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Khan Academy for homeschool

You know, I am a bit of a rebel when it comes to traditional schooling. I have found a great thing. A great thing for learning. Learning about math, science, finance and more — for me, for my high school student (whom I home school), my son back at BYU after his mission, and anyone wanting to understand these subjects better. Even Bill Gates says he has used these to help his son and help himself. It’s called the Khan Acadamy. It all began when Sal Khan was asked to tutor his cousin in math. Being in another country, Sal began to teach her using his computer and doodle pad, and then posting them to YouTube. His lessons became popular. So popular he now has funding and it’s a full time job. Sal has three degrees from MIT in mathematics, electrical engineering, and computer science; a master’s in computer science and an MBA from Harvard. But more than that, he is a good teacher. He makes math make sense. You have kids that need help? SAT prep? Or perhaps you missed something and need brushing up? Or you want to understand finance better? Check it out. There are more than 2,100 videos and a new program where you can watch, practice and record scores for yourself or your kids. I am out of town, but I have logged on...

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