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Prooftexts and sound bites

Prooftexting is a method of proving a point by using scripture out of context without regard for the entire text. You see this all the time. Someone will tell a story and then use a scripture verse to support the theme of the story. This happens so often, that we end up believing something to be doctrine and truth, when […]

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Two new Hugh Nibley talks

I have just digitized two old audio cassettes of Hugh Nibley — one is an interview and the second is a talk that he gave in Anaheim, California in January 1976 on the Old Testament. Thanks to R. Allred who shared these tapes with me so that we could all enjoy more of the Nib. I think you will love […]

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Gregorian Chants and Solfeggio

I’m curious about methods for finding peace, and calming your chaotic mind. I’m not abandoning what I’m used to — prayer and reading. But, I’ve stumbled across the benefits of sound, music, chanting, vibration, and frequency. Even breathing. Music can instill peace, but it can also lull you away into depression or rebellion. It’s not only the tone, but words […]

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Sins and Iniquities

We often lump sins and iniquities together as one. But they’re different. You’re responsible for your own sins, but not for your fathers’ sins, yet the iniquities of your fathers are passed on to the third and fourth generation. The Lord is longsuffering, and of great mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression, and by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity […]

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The Mother of Life

I listened to Hugh Nibley this morning and found this little morsel about the Mother of Life. Nibley talks about The Pearl, a Syriac text, found in 1906 by Rendel Harris, east of the Tigris River and dated between 50 and 70 A.D. This could be the oldest Christian document. There’s a lot of temple symbolism in the story. It begins […]

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To forgive

I understand the need to forgive, especially as I study the effects of positive and negative energy. I looked at the word, “forgive” and realized that is an odd word. What does it really mean “to forgive” someone? “Forgive” an old English word, maybe 14th century: forgive (v.):  Old English forgiefan “give, grant, allow; remit (a debt), pardon (an offense),” […]

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Chaos And Light

Energy Healing

I’m interested in energy healing. And chakras. I’m not sure how my journey began, but my daughter and I’ve been guided along this path. The spark began when I read The Visions of Glory and immediately my world of understanding spiritual things broadened. I took the train to San Francisco and listened to Lorna Byrne after reading her book, A Message […]

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The Day Christ Was Born

I always thought Jesus was born on April 6th. I thought it was Mormon doctrine. But new evidence is coming to light. And as Elder Christofferson explained, “not every statement made by a church leader, past or present necessarily constitutes doctrine.” (April 2012 Conference) Although April is a significant month for Mormons — General Conference is the first weekend; Joseph […]

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Ghost Story of Christmas

My favorite Christmas story is the Ghost story of Jacob Marley. We never pair ghosts with Christmas, that’s more of a Halloween thing. Yet, Charles Dickens wrote this ghost story for Christmas. I remember reenacting the play in sixth grade; I was a ghost. I can’t seem to remember which one though. The story has been made into movies, cartoons, […]

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The return of the sun

It’s a dark rainy day as I sit to write about the return of the sun — the winter solstice — the shortest day and the longest night of the year. The sun will be at its lowest point in the sky on December 21st. I miss the sunshine after a few dark days. “Light” is so often symbolic of […]

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