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Dog Safety: What are the Pros and Cons of an Electronic Dog Fence?

My dog loves to run free and chase the squirrels. Luckily she never catches any — they run up the tree and laugh at her. The ultimate goal of any dog owner is to keep their dog happy, healthy, and safe. If you have a yard in which your dog can run and roam freely to their heart’s content, then […]

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Pangaea drifted for a good reason

I understand why the super continent, Pangaea had to drift apart and create many lands separated by oceans. With lots of different lands, some lands could remain unexplored. And this was important. This served a purpose. I often fall asleep at night listening to a book or lecture on my iphone. It quiets my mind and I forget about my […]

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Hugh Nibley One Eternal Round Lectures

I’ve recently added 12 lectures on mp3 that Hugh Nibley gave about his research on facsimile 2, entitled, One Eternal Round. These are quite a gem, and I appreciate D. Norman for sharing these with us. It’s like Nibley has come back to life when I hear his voice speaking. I read his last book, One Eternal Round and this is […]

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Eve as the divine feminine

The divine feminine provides balance in a zion society, because there is also a divine masculine. The man is not without the woman in the Lord. Balance. One does not rule over the other. There is not a matriarchy or a patriarchy. We see this balance in the Garden of Eden, when the Gods declare, “it is not good that […]

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History for Homeschool

One of my favorite subjects for homeschool is history. I think I got a better education for world history when I decided to teach my kids at home. I setup our history curriculum for grades 1-12, using specific textbooks, timelines, videos, and activities. We used this with great success, meaning my kids learned and loved history. In fact, I finally […]

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The Mother in Heaven

Zion’s Poetess, Eliza R. Snow wrote a poem that is one of our best revelations that we have a Mother in Heaven: In the heav’ns are parents single? No, the thought makes reason stare! Truth is reason; truth eternal Tells me I’ve a mother there… When I leave this frail existence, When I lay this mortal by, Father, Mother, may […]

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Epiphany Jan. 6

I’ve never celebrated epiphany on January 6. I didn’t really know about the holiday until a few years ago when I stood in a very long line at Porto’s –a famous bakery in Glendale. I asked someone why it was so crowded — and the kind woman explained that everyone was in line to get their King’s Cake for epiphany. […]

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Health in the navel

The phrase, “health in the navel” has been going through my mind. So I began looking for the occurrence of that phrase, or even just the word “navel.” Hugh Nibley has explained that the temple is the omphalos or navel ( Omphalos is the Greek word for “navel”): The temple represents the principle of ordering the universe. It is the […]

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The Day Christ Was Born

I always thought Jesus was born on April 6th. I thought it was Mormon doctrine. But new evidence is coming to light. And as Elder Christofferson explained, “not every statement made by a church leader, past or present necessarily constitutes doctrine.” (April 2012 Conference) Although April is a significant month for Mormons — General Conference is the first weekend; Joseph […]

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the three wisemen

What is this Baby Gift called Frankincense?

One year, I bought some frankincense for Christmas. I was teaching my kids about the three wise men and their gift of frankincense to the baby Jesus. What is frankincense ? That seems like an odd baby gift in today’s world. I ordered it from my favorite herb shop and it arrived in a small brown paper bag with the name stamped […]

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