Brigham Youngs Bloodstone E1440773792880

Brigham Young’s bloodstone

All this talk about seer stones has sent me searching. I read the article published at and I thought it was good in many ways and I loved seeing one of Joseph Smith’s seer stones. But it was a little presumptuous for the author/historians to write that  —   “Brigham’s statement expressed his understanding that seer stones were not […]

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Why I homeschool

One late August day, I was in a store and saw a lot of moms walking around holding lists of school supplies to purchase for their kids going back to school. I confess, I was relieved I had no list. This isn’t because all my kids were raised and had moved on, but because I homeschooled. I began 15 years ago […]

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Tongues Of Fire Descend On The Apostles At Pentecost. Lithog Wellcome V0034957 E1439747962850

Ordinances as teaching symbols

Like Nephi of old, there seems to me nothing more delightful than the truth, especially when unfolded in its simplest forms. I love Joseph Smith because he was so skilled, so blessed with divine power, to open our eyes to simple truths; many truths that are hidden in plain sight. You are free to agree or disagree with this proposition: […]

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homeschool reviews

Homeschooling Grades 7 – 8 Curriculum

Seventh and eighth grade are kind of the bummer years in my opinion — if you go to public school those years can be really hard. Socially and emotionally speaking, kids are a mess, going through puberty and staging to be accepted by their peers and the opposite sex. I’ve shared my 1960s experiences of having to shower after gym […]

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Michelangelo   Sistine Chapel   Ezekiel Detail   1510 E1439259627947

Two visions, two temples, two streams

I came across the description of two temples to be built  in a future day — one in Jerusalem and one in Zion (New Jerusalem)  — water proceeding from each of them. While watching a video about Jerusalem’s Holy Temple, the narrator shared the story from the book of Ezekiel, where Ezekiel relates his vision of seeing a stream of […]

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The Prophet Isaiah By Dore E1438549835189

A visionary man

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Nephite prophet, Mormon, chose to open the Book of Mormon with the story of a man who has visions and in sharing them, is rejected. Why would Mormon choose this story for us to read in the last days, the days before the end of the world as we know it? Mormon, […]

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The Desert

Nibley’s One Eternal Round

When the Dead Sea scrolls were found in 1947, there was a shroud of secrecy over them and the general public were not allowed to see them. Some Religions of the day thought they might conflict with what they had already set as dogma.   It wasn’t until the 1980’s when the Biblical Archaeology Review began to publicly mount a campaign […]

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Assume God is in the details of your life

April 2011   This was one of the points that Boyd Petersen shared about Hugh Nibley, in his article, What I Learned about Life, the Church and the Cosmos from Hugh Nibley: As Hugh advised one person, Ask for the direction of the Holy Spirit every day and learn to recognize its whisperings. Then you will know exactly what steps to […]

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Gordon B Hinckley Gordon B Hinckley Dies Age SG13SAzx9L L

Prophecy or Suggestion

I have heard this talk from President Gordon B. Hinckley, quoted as a prophecy by many Mormons. I am not questioning prophecy when it comes, but I do have a problem when members claim that something said by a prophet or an apostle is prophecy when it was not. President Hinckley even said, that he was not prophesying — he […]

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William Turner  The Angel Standing In The Sun E1436753640481

All is well

I used to believe in a different scenario for the last days. I’m not sure what it was exactly, and that’s because it is kind of vague in our teachings. Or I should say, it is hidden in Isaiah. And few there be that find it. Christians believe in a rapture — where the believers are taken up to meet […]

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