The desert

Nibley’s One Eternal Round

When the Dead Sea scrolls were found in 1947, there was a shroud of secrecy over them and the general public were not allowed to see them. Some Religions of the day thought they might conflict with what they had already set as dogma.   It wasn't until the 1980's when the Biblical … Continue reading

Prophecy or Suggestion

I have heard this talk from President Gordon B. Hinckley, quoted as a prophecy by many Mormons. I am not questioning prophecy when it comes, but I do have a problem when members claim that something said by a prophet or an apostle is prophecy when it was not. President Hinckley even said, that he … Continue reading

All is well

I used to believe in a different scenario for the last days. I'm not sure what it was exactly, and that's because it is kind of vague in our teachings. Or I should say, it is hidden in Isaiah. And few there be that find it. Christians believe in a rapture -- where the believers are taken up to … Continue reading

Fasting with water

I fast with water. But I didn't used to -- I grew up in the LDS church and when fast Sunday came along, I was taught to go without two meals and donate my money to the poor. I was told to go without water. I recall onetime, getting a sip from the drinking fountain at church and someone reminding me … Continue reading