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How to celebrate the Winter Solstice

I’ve always wanted to celebrate the winter solstice because of the religious symbolism. It’s the day of the year with the least amount of daylight, which usually falls on  Dec 21 —  for those of us that live in the northern Hemisphere. The earth’s axis is tilted the furthest away from the sun and hence we get the least amount of light. After the winter solstice, each day is a little brighter. If you live north of the arctic circle — towards the north pole, you won’t t have any daylight at all today — no sun. Poor Santa, he should...

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Hugh Nibley One Eternal Round Lectures

I’ve recently added 12 lectures on mp3 that Hugh Nibley gave about his research on facsimile 2, entitled, One Eternal Round. These are quite a gem, and I appreciate D. Norman for sharing these with us. It’s like Nibley has come back to life when I hear his voice speaking. I read his last book, One Eternal Round and this is a great complement. While reading that book, I learned that the facsimile #2 — the round parchment — was placed under the head of the deceased, and was sort of a manual for the after-life. Believe me, you can...

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Eve as the divine feminine

The divine feminine provides balance in a zion society, because there is also a divine masculine. The man is not without the woman in the Lord. Balance. One does not rule over the other. There is not a matriarchy or a patriarchy. We see this balance in the Garden of Eden, when the Gods declare, “it is not good that man should be alone.” Man is incomplete by himself — woman is incomplete by herself. And it is the Adversary who tries to stir things up and drive a wedge between  Adam and Eve. He wants to upset the...

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Hugh Nibley Humor — “And Bring the Brush”

Here’s Hugh Nibley, classic humor, reminiscing about his days in the military on the Eve of Thanksgiving: My first assignment — it was so typically Army you must hear about it: It was the eve of Thanksgiving, and I was scrubbing toilets out with a big brush, with a big scrubbing brush. I was busy scrubbing these latrines out and so forth, and an officer came to me and said,   “come with me and bring the brush.”   So I said,   “come with me and bring the brush.”   It was a huge pile of celery, they...

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Leaders to managers the fatal shift

Hugh Nibley gave a commencement speech at BYU on Leaders to Managers: The Fatal Shift. It’s one of my favorites. (It’s the one where he refers to the the black robes of the false priesthood. I have it in mp3) Leaders break the mold of mediocrity. They are bold and take a chance, they set the highest example, “‘A ship in port is safe,'” says Captain Hopper speaking of management, ‘but that is not what ships were built for,’ she says, calling for leadership…Leaders are movers and shakers, original, inventive, unpredictable, imaginative, full of surprises.” (Nibley)   They help you feel...

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Nibley’s One Eternal Round

When the Dead Sea scrolls were found in 1947, there was a shroud of secrecy over them and the general public were not allowed to see them. Some Religions of the day thought they might conflict with what they had already set as dogma.   It wasn’t until the 1980’s when the Biblical Archaeology Review began to publicly mount a campaign to have access, that some of the Dead Sea Scrolls began to come forward.   In the Pearl of Great Price, the Lord shows Abraham with the aid of the Urim and Thummim, all the stars and planets, the...

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Assume God is in the details of your life

April 2011   This was one of the points that Boyd Petersen shared about Hugh Nibley, in his article, What I Learned about Life, the Church and the Cosmos from Hugh Nibley: As Hugh advised one person, Ask for the direction of the Holy Spirit every day and learn to recognize its whisperings. Then you will know exactly what steps to take and all the rest. … The Lord will guide you and in time you will find that our present-day Babylon will be but a distant memory. He took his own advice. In a letter to his son he...

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Choosing a spouse

It’s probably the most important decision you’ll make in this life — who you marry. It’s not that easy. I have four sons and one daughter. When they were gathered home one week, we talked about choosing a mate.   What do you look for? How do you choose someone that is a good match? In Mormon life, we hope to marry for eternity. In our family, we hope to find a spouse that is a soulmate, as well. At the time, two of my sons were married and they eagerly chimed in with advice for their younger brother...

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I learn about brooding

I walked into my first Hugh Nibley class, totally unaware of the man and his work. It was the 70s. I sat down, opened my Pearl of Great Price and it was at that point that the scriptures became intriguing. Nibley was the first professor to offer a semester course on The Pearl of Great Price. Before that no one thought there was enough material for 16 weeks of study. We spent all class on only a few verses. I remember Nibley talking about the creation, we were in Abraham 4: 1-2. It’s the part where the Lord said,...

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Unrolling the Scrolls – Hugh Nibley

Unrolling the Scrolls – Forgotten Witnesses by Hugh W. Nibley, 1967: Yesterday I was in Disneyland, and that gives you different views of things. One thing was very impressive: all these exhibits you see about the structure of the universe and their accompanying historical views are drawn from just one source. We have but two sources: written and unwritten. By unwritten I mean the “facts” of science, whether reported in writing or not. By written records, I mean the accumulation of human written records that has been going on for thousands of years. It’s immense, it’s very valuable, and...

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Hugh Nibley: Roman Satire and Us

This is a Hugh Nibley talk — BYU Women’s Lecture, October 26, 1991, entitled, Roman Satire and Us. I have it posted on Scribd or you can read it here. Thanks to a new friend that has a love of Hugh Nibley’s wit and wisdom. I appreciate Tom for sharing these little gems with us. May we journey on in this telestial sphere. It just isn’t easy. But there is no other way. Roman Satire and...

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Hugh Nibley — Why Was I Put in This Situation?

  This is one of my favorite Nibley quotes — “Why was I put in this situation?” It’s from the video, Faith of an Observer when Nibley shares his World War II experiences. Hugh Nibley was part of the military intelligence — assigned to the 101st Airborne Division — the Screaming Eagles. On June 6, 1944, D-Day, he was one of the first few to hit the Utah Beach in Normandy. What an assignment of doom. “I’ll tell you if there was anything that puzzled me all the time I was there, I would say, ‘What on earth am I doing...

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Unpublished notes of Hugh Nibley — Priesthood

These are some notes made by Hugh Nibley for his article on Priesthood which was published in Sunstone Magazine. and a Dialogue article he wrote on Blacks and the Priesthood: How many times have the LDS got to be told that the Church is led by the Holy Ghost and not by any man?  How many times must it be repeated that a Church led by revelation is a Church led by direct revelation – not by revelation to one man, who then leads the church.  That man is not the Church.   In the current Melchizedek Priesthood manual, President...

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Unpublished notes of Hugh Nibley – Charity

Hugh Nibley was known for scribbling down notes on 3 x 5 cards and filing them away for articles and books. Enjoy these first in a series of notes from Hugh Nibley: Mormon and Moroni, brooding for years on the fate of the Nephites, both came to the same conclusion in answering the question:  Where did they go wrong?  It was in lacking CHARITY.  For Mormon and Moroni charity is everything, the solution to all our problems.  And what is charity?  It is the one absolute in the universe.   It is joy in the existence of others.  ...

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Hugh Nibley Word of Wisdom Commentary

The Word of Wisdom: A Commentary on D&C 89 Hugh Nibley (December 1979 Gospel Doctrine Class, Manavu Ward) The Word of Wisdom is so familiar that we can get through this in a hurry, except for a few neglected patches. First, it’s a greeting, not by commandment or constraint, but a word of wisdom, the order and will of God for the temporal salvation for all Saints in these last days. The covenants you make are eternal, but you’re not going to be worried about tea, coffee and tobacco in the world hereafter. In the ages to come I...

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