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Taking Time to Be Happy

Sometimes we’re too hard on ourselves. We overlook those days of motherhood success. Last week my 15 year-old son spoke in church–Sacrament meeting. He  did it all — the writing, the practicing, the delivery. I was happy. He did well and as a mom, this is one of those happy, content moments of motherhood and raising kids in the Gospel. Today, my married son, age 26 and his wife, 24 spoke in Sacrament meeting. Again, a great feeling of happiness came over me.  They did a great job, they were thoughtful and inspiring, and not boring. (which is definitely...

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Happy Birthday Michelle

Today is Michelle’s birthday. She is the new addition to our family. Not a baby–I am 55 here. But she is my daughter-in-law, just married last December to my son, Brigham. She is a most choice addition for many reasons. I often write about the trials of this mortal life. Michelle’s mom died of breast cancer when she was about 14, leaving her with two brothers, and a narcissistic father. I asked her today a little bit about her mom. She must have been an extraordinary woman of faith. Her first marriage ended with the death of her husband. Her second ended with her own death. Having survived breast cancer at a young age, she became pregnant with her first two kids, Michelle being the second. And then the cancer that was in remission, decided not to be in remission, and she lost her third child, undergoing chemotherapy. It was about this time that she found friendships among her Mormon neighbors.  And sometime later, joined the Mormon church. She was blessed with a second remission, and a third child was added to the family. This would have been the best ending, had the cancer not returned a third time. And this time, it never went into remission, but left her blind for two years, eventually taking her life. Michelle is remarkably pleasant, resilient, optimistic, “bubbly” and shows no signs...

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I just got back from my little 12 day vacation.Two days were spent driving. Is that vacationing? Sometimes I enjoy a road trip, good scenery, a good book to listen to (this time The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins), good company. We brought our dog along and she rode along in her kennel in the back of the Tundra. This is a nice truck, it is a 2007 black Tundra, 6 speed, biggest engine you can get, and is the Cadillac of trucks. It has a back seat as well, and Seth occupied that space. We have navigation, and bluetooth, leather seats that are heated (not needed this time) and not too bad on the gas mileage. I decided to go to Utah for the birthday celebration of my 14 year old. Staying home, the last child of five, for his birthday did not sound too fun to him or me. Since all the family is in Utah except for my 3rd son, we headed up there for this “vacation”. We hit hot weather on the drive up–about 106 degrees in the desert, and my “mother Eve” tendencies kicked in and I began to worry about the poor dog in the back of the truck bed. After a little ice water and continually monitoring the temp gauge, I squeezed her into the cab for a few hours–fur and all. German Shepherds are...

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About me

  I was born on Valentine’s Day. ​So I have always loved red and pink hearts, cupids, silly, cheap valentines that come in boxes, making valentines with ribbons and lace, flowers, and of course– expensive chocolates. In 1976 I received a box of Sees candy (hand picked, all my fav dark choc) and two yellow tulips left at my doorstep, with a little hand scribbled note, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Gene Taylor” a guy I had met earlier that week in the quad at Occidental College, and later married. I loved school and I still love to learn. I wish I could study in several different fields. However, in college I chose biochemistry and in graduate school I studied pharmacology and nutrition. I got my master’s in Education while in my 50’s. I grew up in the era when society told women that they needed and could do more than just be a mother. That was a strong drive for me. And I wanted to be a doctor. I had planned on leaving my kids with babysitters, had even asked my sister if she would be interested in watching my kids, so that I could be “more than just a mom”. After interviewing with a female doctor, and talking with her own daughter about how she was raised by several nannies, I chose not to go on to a medical career. I desperately...

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