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It’s only a flesh wound

Life is a challenge.  In all respects, we need to be suited up in armor.  And although it appears that some have a story-book life, it is not always true. I like to think that from a distant perspective that covers all time, at one time, I could look down and see my life. I want to see that I had faith in the storms and I was kind and charitable, and did not give up. Or complain, while not giving up (that’s hard for me sometimes.)   It’s been reported that people who have near-death experiences see their entire...

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The AfterLife

You will see your life after you die. You’ll see what you did in mortality. People who have had near-death experiences say that they saw a history of their life, and saw how their actions affected other people. I believe in the afterlife (and life before this life.) I went through a phase when I read alot of those life afterlife books, or near-death experience books. It was right after my dad died. Those studies had an impact on me, and I started thinking about the history of my own life. Life is short. We can progress or we can regress....

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C.S. Lewis quote house

Not everyone is a great athlete. My kids play a lot of sports and we have had our share of coaches — the good, the bad, and unfortunately, the ugly. But we learned valuable lessons. With our first child, we “tried out” the AYSO soccer when she was in third grade. Having been encouraged by others that it was a good program, not competitive, everyone plays, good for your little girl, etc, etc, we talked her into giving it a try.“Just give it a try, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to stay…”I thought she would never return after...

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Happy Trials

In LDS Conference yesterday, President Eyring addressed what I know to be true, however difficult — that great adversity brings great blessings, worth the cost of the pain. But I hate the pain and difficulty. I should look at these challenges differently. No one escapes physical, mental, and emotional trials in life. Eyring spoke of a man that called out from his sick bed, “When I have tried all my life to be good, why has this happened to me?” Eyring went on to quote the famous lines from the Lord to Joseph Smith, when he suffered in Liberty...

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